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London Film Festival 2020: Awards and reviews to come (more soon)

London Film Festival 2020: Awards and reviews to come (more soon)

The London Film Festival (October 7-18) ended yesterday evening with its annual awards announcement (see here)

This year audiences voted for the films in these categories and the winners are…

Best film – Another Round (Druk), director: Thomas Vinterberg
Best documentary – The Painter and the Thief, director: Benjamin Ree
Best short film – director: Tommy Gillard
Best XR/Immersive art – To Miss the ending, directors: Anna West and David Callanan

And the £50,000 bursary…

IWC Schaffausen Bursary in association with the British Film Institute (BFI): Cathy Brady (Wildfire)

Wildfire and director Cathy Brady

Reviews coming: After Love, Lovers Rock, The Human Voice, 200 Meters, Another Round (Druk), Limbo, Siberia, Ultra Violence, New Order (Nuevo Orden)
Reviews – The Salt in Our Waters, Mangrove

See our interview with Mogul Mowgli actors Alyy Khan and Sudha Bhuchar and more coming as well director Rezwan Shahriar Sumit about his film, The Salt in Our Waters

Also our feature on three shorter films that were available as part of London Film Festival (and still are to accredited LFF press until October 30).

More to follow soon…

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture