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WE appeal to a very particular kind of demographic that is developing all the time.

You want to know what that is…

You’ll have to get a little closer…no, a bit more…

That’s better. We have to whisper.  At least here, where everyone can see us.

Behind closed doors, we can expose ourselves to your critical and commercial scrutiny, if you’re like that (and like that).

But look, we’re young, barely walking (commercially) and to treat us as fully formed and adult in the world we want to inhabit is both wrong and misguided.

You don’t have to keep reading. Click away, go back to the home page, a story or somewhere else even.

You’re not ready for us and we, almost, certainly have another agenda that isn’t really yours.

Still reading?  You might be the sort of person or company with whom we can do business, helping you to grow or reach audiences that are difficult to access through old, and even some new, media.

We like intelligence, innovation, having a message and making it count.

Sure, we want to help you sell stuff too… whether it’s chappathi or culture…

But we’re not just about the bald numbers  –  of course, you might retort – that’s a natural position and continue to drill us about this.

We are better than that – and so are you. But you have to possess patience, belief, and look at a bigger picture.

We want you as partners, not just clients whose money pays our bills and allows us to develop and commission (young) and proven journalistic talent.

We are on a journey, we want you to come with us: the road may be a bit bumpy and a little uncomfortable, but like life itself, if we can come through it together, learning, and innovating and deploying our enterprise, a great reward awaits us.

“Be the change you want to see,” said Mahatma Gandhi.

Let’s be that change. Let’s recast the world as want it, and in our way. Silly maybe, but nothing great ever started without a dream or a challenge. Advertise with us: