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About us is an online arts and culture magazine and went live in August 2013.

It was founded to highlight and showcase creative work by South Asians living in the West or examine work that is relevant to them and is split into five distinct categories of interest: Art (visual), Books, Film, Music/Dance, TV and Theatre.

Reading the range and variety of stories on the site will give you a far better idea of what is it we do on, rather than any ‘explanation’ we can offer here.

We’re here to inform, entertain and when the opportunity is appropriate and arises, amuse you! Feel free to tell us about things you want us to write about…

While the heart and focus of the site is based around creative work emerging from Britain, is international in its outlook, and believes many of the stories we cover will appeal to people from a South Asian background and not  – irrespective of where you might live or work, or indeed, whatever your ethnicity.

In that respect, we like to believe we connect countries and communities through art and culture, joining together groups of people in North America, Europe and the Indian subcontinent and focusing on arts or artists that often are overlooked, remain marginalised, or do not get the platform their work demands and deserves.

Are you an Asian culture vulture? You don’t have to be South Asian. provides a space and opportunity for Asian culture and entertainment in the West to be discussed – providing a platform (through its facebook site) for further debate, argument and insight.

The site was founded by Sailesh Ram, the former editor of Eastern Eye (2009-12), who has been a journalist for more than 15 years.

He is the current editor of www.asianculturevulture and he and his small and expanding team are passionate and dedicated to highlighting the best of South Asian culture and promoting it to an audience far beyond its obvious or natural constituency.

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We’re young, ambitious and hungry to make a mark, so join us on our journey…

In 2014, Sailesh discussed setting up with Sunny and Shay Grewal on their popular BBC London Sunday evening show. Listen here from about 35 seconds in…