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‘We That Are Young’ – Preti Taneja at Waterstones Piccadilly London with acv and globooks today (July 28)

‘We That Are Young’ – Preti Taneja at Waterstones Piccadilly London with acv and globooks today (July 28)

Debutant award-winning novella writer to discuss novel which is set to become one of the books of the year…

ATER today & will host a special event previewing the debut publication of author Preti Taneja’s novel, ‘We That Are Young’, at Waterstones Piccadilly, London.

The author will discuss the themes of her first novel with acv editor, Sailesh Ram at this special event.

Set in contemporary India, and inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’, ‘We That Are Young’ is a searing and absorbing portrait of a country that is young.

Just 70 years old (this year on August 15), India is – and has nearly always been – a mad mixture of ancient and modern, spiritual and materialistic, rich and poor – the list could go on.

Taneja’s novel goes right to heart of many countervailing currents in contemporary India and creates characters all caught up in their own fear and anxieties, dreams and hopes.

But just as Lear’s daughters conspire – so too do the three daughters of ‘Bapuji Devraj’ (a sort of cross between Donald J Trump and the late and disgraced UK tycoon Robert Maxwell) – and he too takes on a very different mantle as he battles the forces which he believes are set against him.

In shimmering and beautiful prose, Taneja takes you on a journey, as all good novels do, into the souls of five very different, torn and damaged people.

Perhaps, the two central male characters fare better than the three sisters, but there is no doubt that Taneja has produced a novel that is rich, absorbing and powerful in its assessment of a country with so many possibly irreconcilable impulses…

Published by the independent Galley Beggar Press, ‘We That Are Young’ is already making waves and there is an opportunity for you to be on the inside track and watching this very space…

And is a must read for anyone who is interested in a country that is still young, so young…

Come hear Taneja talk this evening…
(Sailesh Ram)

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture