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‘The Good Karma Hospital’ Episode 5 (review) – Ruby (Amrita Acharia) and Lydia (Amanda Redman) are both at a crossroads…

‘The Good Karma Hospital’ Episode 5 (review) – Ruby (Amrita Acharia) and Lydia (Amanda Redman) are both at a crossroads…

The penultimate episode in this series and a lot is happening…

By Mamie Colfox

THIS episode focuses less on the patients at the hospital and more on the doctors’ personal lives, particularly the shock return of Gabriel (James Krishna Floyd) and Lydia’s (Amanda Redman) meeting with Jules (Ace Bhatti), her ex-husband.

The image of Gabriel riding away on his motorbike in the previous episode is answered by his arrival to see Ruby (Amrita Acharia) in this one as she looks after her ill father (Selva Rasalingam). It feels good to see Ruby return to the show after her absence from the last episode, but, like anyone would be, she is deeply concerned about the welfare of her father.

Dr Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia) tends to her ill father, Amit (Selva Rasalingam)
Picture: Chris Burgess / © Tiger Aspect

When Gabriel arrives, she punches him in the face. Two punches in two episodes is enough to tell us that he’s seriously messed up, but his refusal to leave Ruby on her own shows that he’s trying to make up for it. His persistence is admirable, as even after he has been asked to leave, (more than once) he refuses.

As the episode continues, Gabriel offers to take over caring duties so Ruby can be there for her father, and although she would never let on, you can tell she is grateful.

There are so many unanswered questions as to why he’s back, and we do not get any closer to the answers, but his actions speak for themselves when Ruby’s father eventually passes, and he is there to support her wholeheartedly. It will be the last episode before we hear a heartfelt speech from Gabriel, as it is obvious he has things he wants to say, but is unable to say them.

Lydia looks apprehensive as she arrives at her ex-husband’s fancy house – a hint at her past life ? And her stern temperament during her encounter with Jules shows that she is trying to keep a brave face after the hurt she’s experienced in the past. Later on, Jules explains his reluctance to sign their divorce papers and claims that his infidelity and their subsequent separation was the biggest regret of his life. Quite unfair on Lydia, since his charming demeanour is an obvious charm offensive and must have been hard to resist.

Greg (Neil Morrisey) on the other hand, is excitedly buying clothes for his wedding and the parallel is sad to see, as we desperately hope that Lydia isn’t tempted by Jules’ games. Luckily Lydia isn’t, and Jules does eventually signs the papers. After he tries to kiss her, she rushes out of the house, clearly flustered and probably a little taken aback, as anyone would be after that sort of encounter with an ex.

The episode ends with a sweet reconciliation between Lydia and Greg, but there is an inkling of doubt in her eyes. Will the wedding go ahead as planned?

Main picture: Dr Gabriel Varma (James Krishna Floyd) and Dr Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia) Picture: Chris Burgess ©TigerAspect

The final episode of ‘The Good Karma Hospital’ Series 4 is next Sunday (February 27)

Interview with James Krishna Floyd who plays Dr Gabriel Varma

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture