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Shantaram: “A Story about redemption and how to find freedom” – Shubham Saraf (video)

Developed from the novel by David Gregory Roberts…

WE CAUGHT up with actor Shubham Saraf who plays Prabhu in the new Apple TV series, ‘Shantaram’.
Based on the best-selling novel by David Gregory Roberts, this charts the tale of Lin (Charlie Hunnam) as he escapes an Australian miscarriage of justice for drug offences and lands up in Mumbai, India after escaping prison.
He leads an extremely eventful life there – as he gets involved with underworld elements to survive and the first episode focuses on him meeting Prabhu and establishing a friendship. There is also romance with European characters who have shady backgrounds too.

‘Shantaram’ drops on Apple TV on October 14

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture