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Mena Massoud, Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ tells acv he “hopes the film becomes a symbol of success for all ethnicities” The future is brown…(watch video)

MENA MASSOUD is one of the stars of the new Disney film, ‘Aladdin’.
This timeless classic, set in the Middle East, has been cast with a modern eye and both Aladdin and ‘Princess Jasmine’ are played by people of colour.
And the infamous genie is the now blue Will Smith. Director Guy Ritchie directs with panache and a seductive pallet.
In this interview, Massoud talks about the need for Hollywood to be inclusive, describing it this film as possibly the most ethnically diverse cast to appear in a Hollywood movie and the shifting sands there. He also talks about his Canadian and Egyptian background, and also working with Will Smith and Naomi Scott.
Think you will be seeing a lot more of Massoud and Scott…the future is brown!
The film opens on May 22 – we will carry a review then on

Production Credits
Film courtesy of Disney (with thanks to PMA and We Are Media Hive)
Edited: Dean Anderson ( Presenter/producer: Sailesh Ram (editor


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Written by Asian Culture Vulture