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Edinburgh Art Festival 2018 – Ravi Agarwal ‘Nadar-Prakriti’ (video coming…)

Edinburgh Art Festival 2018 – Ravi Agarwal ‘Nadar-Prakriti’ (video coming…)

Edinburgh Printmakers invited artist and environmental activist Ravi Agarwal from India to work with them…

See Edinburgh Printmakers’ programme director Sarah Manning-Shaw talk about what it meant to have Agarwal draw the dots around movements which have been gathering force over recent years both in India and Scotland – that of reclaiming the land and turning it back to nature and ‘reclaiming the wild’.

Agarwal takes pictures and makes video – and all the time makes the case for preserving and caring for natural environments. Printmaking was a new process and the resulting exhibition is powerful and quite different to anything you might have seen… it is the artist’s first UK solo exhibition.

See our video about Ravi Agarwal and his art coming to the site soon…

Ravi Agarwal – Nadar/Prakiti – (free) Edinburgh Printmakers, 23 Union Street Edinburgh EH1 3LR until October 20

Picture: Ravi Agarwal, Nàdar Landscapes Series – 8, 2018, Edition of 10 (Original), Lithograph, Paper size 56 x 74.5cm, Image Size 38.6 X 58cm.jpg

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture