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Eastern Eye Arts, Culture and Theatre (ACTAs) awards 2018 – Wise words on an inspiring evening

Eastern Eye Arts, Culture and Theatre (ACTAs) awards 2018 – Wise words on an inspiring evening

Top awards show….now in its third year…

IT WAS A UNIQUE and quite brilliant gathering – and much remarked upon on the evening itself (June 22) – the Eastern Eye Arts, Culture and Theatre Awards (ACTAs) brought out the very best…
Britain’s brightest and most successful creative Asian talent in a single room – recognising and supporting each other’s work and vowing to support the next generation.
It started with a beautiful rendition of ‘She’s out of my life’ (Michael Jackson) by Reece Bahia, who can be seen in the West End in ‘Thriller Live’ playing Michael Jackson and winner of the best emerging artist ACTA award.
There were many fine words said on the evening by the sixteen winners – but the uniqueness of the gathering and the sheer talent on display was something no one could fail to highlight.
From winning TV presenter Dr Ranj Singh, a plea for the creative industry to look beyond the tried and tested and seek out those talents who may face not just the possible barriers of ethnicity – but disability, sexual orientation and anything else that blinds people to talent and application.
For that, outstanding contribution to the arts winner George Aligiah reminded us all (see video) – migrants often = talent. In the current climate that is something worth saying and remembering – and celebrating!
(Sailesh Ram, editor

You can read and see all the winners here:

Click photo to enlarge (apologies – there is a technical issue to view as a gallery presently).

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture