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Asian Culture Vulture Annual Quiz 2022

Asian Culture Vulture Annual Quiz 2022

Are you really an asianculturevulture? Try our fun quiz…it will take only a few minutes…

By Suman Bhuchar

AUSTERITY and the cost of living crisis has also hit Team ACV, so the quiz is a bit shorter this year, but hopefully this means you can get all the answers quickly and still have time to go for that jog before tea.

There are three main questions to each of the subject category areas and some supplementary points on offer for some of them.

If you have been visiting the site regularly, this should take only a few minutes…

Enjoy testing your knowledge with the best of the vultures

The answers will be revealed on Tuesday, January 3 2023 as will the picture captions. 😉

Good Luck and see you on the other side in a few days! 😁


Question 1 (Q1). Which Indian film received the Special Jury Prize at Tallinn Film Festival in Estonia in November, before enjoying its Indian premiere at the International Film Festival of Kerala?

a) Dobaaraa
b) Amar Colony
c) The Cloud Messenger
d) Declaration
e) Zwigato

Q2.Which film director told “Every industry goes through a correction phase”.

a) Farah Khan
b) Sajid Khan
c) Sabbir Khan
d) Kabir Khan
e) Aleem Khan
For an extra point which industry was he talking about?

Q3. Which actor made his debut in Hansal Mehta’s film, ‘Faraaz?

a) Zahan Kapoor
b) Kapil Sharma
c) Himesh Patel
d) Viraj Juneja
e) Sohail Sameer

Film International

Q1. Which Indian film shown at the London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) is India’s Oscar Nomination?

a) Chhello Show (Last Film Show)
b) Little English
c) U.R.F (AKA)
d) Dostojee, Two Friends
e) Muthayya
For an extra point can you name the filmmaker?

Q2. Which documentary bagged the Golden Eye award – L’OEil d’Or award at Cannes this year?

a) Invisible Demons
b) All That Breathes
c) Creature
d) The Rapist
e) A Night of Knowing Nothing
For an extra point name the filmmaker?
For an extra, extra point name their earlier film?

Q3. Which actor was given the ‘Contribution to Film and Television Award’ at the UK Asian Film Festival this year?

a) Lillete Dubey
b) Nina Wadia
c) Shaheen Khan
d) Behroze Gandhy
e) Hina Khan


Q1. Who played the part of Nathuram Godse in the National Theatre production of ‘The Father and the Assassin’?

a) Adam Karim
b) Shubam Saraf
c) Varun Raj
d) Anish Roy
e) Simon Rivers
For a bonus point name the writer and director of the show. You need to get both right to earn this point as only one is on offer and you can’t get half a point!

Q2. Which actor played the role of author and broadcaster Kavita Puri in a stage adaptation of her book, ‘Partition Voices: Untold British Stories’ by Tara Arts’ ?

a) Anjana Vasan
b) Nimmi Harasgama
c) Renu Brindle
d) Sudha Bhuchar
e) Zainab Hasan
For an extra point name the title of the play, and for a boffin bonus FOUR points, name all the writers who adapted the stories for the stage. (Clue: there are four and you get one point for each right writer).

Q3. Which Indian dance musical is based on an iconic film and was composed by the man dubbed ‘the disco king of India’ with a fondness for wearing bling?

a) Bombay Superstar
b) Mumbai Masala
c) Disco Dancer: The Musical
d) Beyond Bollywood
e) Glitterball
For an additional point name the composer.
For an additional bonus point name the British comedian who played the MC during its London run.


Q1, Which well-known TV personality talked about her book on the opening day of the Jaipur Literature Festival at the British Library in London this summer?

a) Shobna Gulati
b) Meera Syal
c) Tina Daheley
d) Anita Rani
e) Nina Wadia
For an extra point name the title of the book

Q2, Who won this year’s Jhalak Prize?

a) Nikesh Shukla
b) Sunny Singh
c) Sabba Khan
d) Nikita Gill
e) Monisha Rajesh
For a bonus point, what was unique about the winning entry?

Q3. Which author’s second novel is set in South London and charts the course of the lives of a group of four diverse characters living between 1978 and the financial crash of 2008?

a) Sathnam Sanghera
b) Anjali Joseph
c) Monica Ali
d) Aravind Adiga
e) Koushik Banerjea


Q1. Which ballerina is the First Artist at the English National Ballet?

a) Deborah Bull
b) Sarak Kundi
c) Sanjeevini Dutta
d) Shiori Kase
e) Kamara Gray

Q2. Who wrote ‘Jungle Book: Reimagined’ presented by the Akram Khan Dance Company which had its World Premiere at The Curve in Leicester?

a) Hanna Khalil
b) Karthika Nair
c) Tariq Jordan
d) Akram Khan
e) Sohini Alam

Q3. In the Opera ‘A Silver Spoon’ charting the love affair between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, which performer played Dodi?

a) Alok Kumar
b) Sandeep Gurrapadi
c) Anup Biswas
d) Biraj Barkakaty
e) David Padua
For a bonus point name the range he sings at?


Q1. Which British Asian composer adapted the Baroque Opera ‘Orfeo’ by Monteverdi and reimagined it in a collaboration for Opera North?

a) Param Vir
b) Arun Ghosh
c) Anoushka Shankar
d) Jasdeep Singh Degun
e) Priti Paintal

Q2. Which Beatles’ son was one of the key musicians at the Shankar 100 concert honouring the famous sitar maestro, Ravi Shankar at the Royal Festival Hall this year? (Clue: his father and Panditji were close friends)

a) Zak Starkey
b) Julian Lennon
c) Dhani Harrison
d) Sean Lennon
e) James McCartney

Q3. “The voice of a million centuries has left us…her voice resounds now in the Heavens.” Who paid this tribute to an iconic voice dubbed “The Nightingale of India”

a) AR Rahman
b) Shreya Ghoshal
c) Amitabh Bachchan
d) Asha Bhonsle
e) DJ Ritu
For a free floating point name the playback singer to whom it was referring…


Q1. Which British Asian artist who decorated the Tate Britain façade received an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in 2022?

a) Zarina Bhimji
b) Sandeeo Mahal
c) Dr Chila Kumari Singh Burman
d) M.I.A
e) Anne Hardy
For a bonus point name the title of the work on the façade?

Q2. Which Photography artist who documented the South Asian community was honoured with a retrospective at the Compton Verney Art Gallery?

a) Maganbhai Patel
b) Anwar Hussein
c) Suki Dhanda
d) Chris Hashmi
e) Dayanita Singh
For a bonus point give their nom de guerre (or the epithet by which they were known).

Q3. Which mansion was the subject of a film on Indian art shown at the UK Asian Film Festival?

a) Jalsaghar
b) Kekee Manzil
c) Manderley
d) Mannat
e) Xanadu
For an additional point name the filmmaker whose personal story inspired this film?


Q1. Which popular ITV medical drama set in India returned to our screens this year?

a) It Ain’t Half Hot Mum
b) Unforgotten
c) Indian Summers
d) The Indian Doctor
e) The Good Karma Hospital
Name the leading British Asian female actor and the character played by them.

Q2. Which famous South Indian star made his breakthrough in a Hollywood action production available on a global streaming platform?

a) R Madhavan
b) Mohanlal
c) Dhanush
d) Jayam Ravi
e) Vikram
For a bonus point name the title of the film?

Q3. Which famous Asian female star returned to our screens in the UK to play a middle-aged Asian detective in an original crime series?

a) Sukki Singapora
b) Archie Panjabi
c) Indira Varma
d) Parminder Nagra
e) Sunetra Sarkar
For a bonus point name the series

Good Luck!

See you have fared on Tuesday, January 3…Just what kind of asianculturevulture are you? 😉

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture