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ACV Bird Eye Review Show (video) – Episode 18: ‘Ankahi Kahaniya’; ‘House of Secrets – the Burari Deaths’; ‘Tabbar’ (Pavan Malhotra) chat…

Our monthly look at the online space out of India…

SO, WHAT have you been watching online?
Are you ready for this month’s Bird Eye Review Show? Sitting comfortably?
What will be the beady bird eye verdict on a series of three short films (under 40 minutes) all under the umbrella of ‘Ankahi Kahaniya’. It’s out on Netflix.
What does our Nat have to say about it and the three films contained within…watch
She also looks at another Netflix series, this time ‘House of Secrets – The Burari Deaths’.
Does this three-part documentary series looking at the deaths of 11 family members who were found hanged in their Delhi home one morning in 2018.
Director Leena Yadav talks to the police and others at the heart of the investigation to ask what really happened? And how did it happen?
With Hollywood editor Haygood (who worked with director David Fincher), Yadav builds tension and the documentary investigation is more like a thriller and narrative feature, listen to what Nat says about it…
The series dropped on Netflix last week (October 8).
Finally, Nat also interviews Pawan Malhotra, one of the stars the new Sony Liv Series, ‘Tabbar’ – meaning family.
It dropped on the digital channel today (October 15).
Malhotra started his career on ‘Gandhi’ and has an interesting family background and you can find out what he likes in the OTT space by watching. He also talks about having his pants down for ‘Tabbar’ – that may or may not be true… watch and what is that series with Michael Douglas and two actors? Please help Mr Malhotra and our Nat…
The Bird Eye Review Show drops every third Friday of the month. It’s a monthly review show of what’s just dropped or coming up in the month on the OTT/digital/online space.
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Ps What about Nat’s Hindi? Does she need more lessons/practice?

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Camera: Kamal Sadanah
Extra script: Roy Daniel D’Silva

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture