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Sunny Grewal’s March 2015 film watch

Sunny Grewal’s March 2015 film watch

March 14 2015

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JUST a quick word about The Oscars – I really thought “Boyhood” (only won one Oscar with Patricia Arquette getting the best supporting female role) was going to do well, but it was “Birdman” (won four Oscars on the night) and that surprised me and a lot of critics. They thought “Boyhood” would have got best movie and best director – but it was a shock both at the Oscars and at HQ. I still think “Boyhood” is going to be like “Citizen Kane” – it didn’t win an Oscar but it’s the one that will be still showing in film schools for years to come. Sad to say but I think in a couple of years no one will remember “Birdman” – that’s all I am going to say about the Oscars. Neil Patrick Harris, as the host, didn’t really keep me entertained – he was a bit lacking.

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LET’S GET DOWN to the films for late March then.

Straightaway, I am going to take you to March 27 and the release of “Cinderella”, it’s the live action movie of the fairy tale. It’s not animated. There are a couple of reasons why I am excited about this film. Firstly, it’s got Cate Blanchett in it, and Helena Bonham Carter. And secondly, London girl Sonna Rele is doing the main song for it. The trailer looks amazing and this is one film, I am going to be running to watch.
Sunny trailer rating: shoesrating (out of five)

Now to “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya” – this was my prediction for The Oscar in the animated feature film; I would have given it to “The Lego Movie” hands down, if it had been nominated, but this was my choice. It went to “Big Hero 6”. If you get a chance, please go and see “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. Watch the trailer. I fell in love with this film. I really enjoyed it and I am a big fan of Manga and I love the fact that it’s got some of that traditional drawing style. It’s a really beautiful watch. There’s a new kind of texture to the way it’s been shot and the drawings – it’s not CGI, it’s like pen and paper and if you enjoy Tom and Jerry style animation, this is something for the traditionalist.
Sunny trailer rating: pencilsrating

My third and final film, laugh – Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell – “Get Hard”. From the trailer, it looks hilarious – the Ferrell character has to go to prison, so he employs the Hart character to show him how to be tough is in prison, so he does not get raped. It looks hilarious. I am a big fan of Ferrell. He’s tremendous and he makes great movies.
Sunny trailer rating:three bars

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