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Sunny Grewal’s July film watch

Sunny Grewal’s July film watch

July 21 2014*

Sunny Grewal (pictured left above), one half of the radio partnership that is Sunny and Shay (his wife) – and with her, they both host the Sunny and Shay show on BBC London 94.9FM, every Sunday between 6pm and 8pm.
The intrepid pair have also just launched their youtube channel, see here, charting the small joys and annoyances of being in a relationship in their own inimitable and distinctive visual style.
Be sure to tune in every Monday and chuckle away – look out for a special piece on which charts how “As We Proceed” #AWP came into being. On here soon!

Sunny, a massive film buff and nascent actor-director, gives his thoughts exclusively on the films he has seen every month and the ones he’s most looking forward to seeing…

Hi, this year’s summer blockbusters are in full swing and before I talk about them I want to bring your attention to this Punjabi movie – “Punjab 1984” – this is one of the best Punjabi films ever. If you want a visual experience from a Punjabi movie, then see this, it is worth the effort. It is stunning, Diljit Dosanjh’s performance is great and the film is inspired by true events from a dark period in India’s history, Punjab 1984. Even the trailer gets 5/5. Definitely worth a watch…

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” – go and check it out. Watch the viral trailer which gives you an insight into why humans are going extinct in this film. The trailer gives a lot away and it’s a remake of a movie, so please don’t get too emotional about it as these films are prequels of the “Planet of the Apes” original. The special effects are great, I think Oscar-worthy and the actions looks brilliant too so I give the trailer 5 Bananas.

Joe” – Nicolas Cage is the star of this film and he looks like he has gone back to being an actor, rather than just a caricature; I am intrigued by the trailer and it is one I am going to watch and am excited about as am a fan of Cage…The trailer gets 3 spanners.

Earth to Echo” – This is a children’s film and it’s a bit like the Steven Spielberg film, “Batteries not Included” (1987) and there is sound footage and Super 8 thrown in too – but it is for kids; I am excited to see what they are doing with these kinds of films, we have seen this type of footage in horror films and sci-fi, and it’s good for kids, and should keep the adults entertained. Please see it and tell me what you think…The trailer gets 3 screams

Guardians of the Galaxy”. I am a big fan of Superheroes and in the next comic book saga, Marvel is now releasing “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The new age CGI gives a glimpse of what future space adventure films could showcase (hello, “Star Wars“). The trailer looks fun, exciting and family orientated. If you are into adventure in space, then this is the film for you. You have a comedian – Chris Pratt (best known for playing Andy in “Parks and Recreation“) and Vin Diesel as a tree alongside Bradley Cooper playing a racoon, so what’s not to like? I give this trailer 4 spaceships

Kick” – This is the Salman Khan release for Eid and it’s going to be the big film after Ramadan. Salman usually gets a really good response from his releases during Eid and the trailer is 3 kicks straightaway. Salman Khan does what he does best and has superhero strength, even though he does not have any super powers…you get the idea. Definitely worth a watch…

Reviews of the films from last month…

22 Jump Street” This has to go into one of the best sequel categories; in the past, you had “Terminator 2” (1991), “Godfather2” (1974), “The Empire Strikes Back” (1980) – all these great sequels and this has to be added to them – if you loved part 1, you are going to love part 2. It is so well done. It’s almost like a stand-alone movie.
5 Bermuda shorts

Grace of Monaco” It was a bit of a flop for me, it didn’t gel together properly, even with Nicole Kidman in the lead as Princess Grace. It was a nice concept but even she couldn’t hold the film together, it needs to be re-cut or something. It’s a brilliant story, about a real life princess trying to come to terms with her new life, but for some reason, it doesn’t work and it is not something I want to spend money on. I don’t recommend going to the cinema to watch it, you are better off when it comes on TV.
Nothing. Sorry.

Oculus” – I am a big fan of horror movies, and I was really looking forward to it, but I had to go and watch this on my own. My dear wife (Shay) would not come with me – she was moaning about always having to go and see films I like – basically horror movies. The director tells you the story by playing with time and it’s really well done. But by the third act it starts getting predictable for a horror film, and it didn’t shock or scare me – although I did love the way the story was told and loved the way they played with time for the horror concept.
A scream three

Three Days to Kill” – I am going to be honest, I did not see this.
Please send me a review…I didn’t see it – there were more important movies to watch, like “Punjab 1984”, and this was a better watch from what I have heard, but then again you should never judge a movie on somebody else’s say so (but you can help them guide you – wink, wink), you should always make your own judgements – some of my friends don’t like the films I like. Like my good buddy, Tandy Tatter (and partner in ‘As We he thinks “Gunday” is one of the worst films ever made, but what does he know..haha…Sorry Tandy, love you, but your film taste sucks sometimes! Haha…
Send me a review and I’ll choose the best to publish next month, send it to my facebook page here or to

How to Train Your Dragons2” – This is something for everybody, there are a lot of in-jokes for the adults and only they would know about it, but there’s also plenty for the kids and it’s shot in 3D. There are lovely scooping shots and the CGI has surpassed itself. It is definitely worth watching. I want more films like this for both kids and adults. It’s not as good as the first one, but it’s still very good.
5 Dragons

I’ll see all you next month…and if you want to smile on Mondays, please tune into our youtube channel

Tell me what you think, contact me on twitter @sunnyandshay or us or on facebook or us

You can listen to Sunny & Shay on BBC London 94.9FM here

Sunny and Shay from the Bafta nominated Channel 4′s “The Family” delighted us as members of the Grewals whose antics were followed daily on the Channel 4 series – their Punjabi wedding became a major part of the series and gave its non Asian viewers an insight into the build up to a British Asian wedding! Since the success of the show Sunny and Shay now present their own Sunday evening show for BBC London 94.9FM at 6pm.


*Apologies for the late transmission…we had some technical issues only resolved today.

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture


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