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Pallavi Sharda: ‘I don’t think we announce ourselves as Indian any more…’ she tells acv as ‘Tom & Jerry The Movie!’ set to drop online (UK)…video

Film will be able to rent at home in the UK from March 25* and contains Bollywood theme wedding involving her character…

TOM & JERRY – those lovable childhood cartoon characters are back…

For the first time since 1942 when the duelling duo first turned up on our screens – they feature in a mixed live animation feature with human actors – with one of the main characters ‘Preeta’ being played by Pallavi Sharda who we speak to about her part in this film. It releases in the UK online services from March 25…

In ‘Tom & Jerry’ The Movie! Jerry moves to New York City’s finest hotel on the eve of a glamorous wedding which see Preeta marry Ben (Colin Jost).

As you might expect the hotel is horrified by Jerry’s mousey antics, stealing food and living it up and enlist Tom to take care of the problem ahead of the humongous Bollywood themed wedding (complete with elephants and other animal animations). Working behind the scenes and plotting to stop Jerry’s campaign are hotel manager Terance, played by Michael Peña (‘American Hustle’) and his somewhat unscrupulous and not altogether honest new assistant, Kayla, reprised by Chloë Grace Moretz. The film is directed by Tim Story (‘Shaft’) 2019.

‘Mate, I know I am just like the Indian actress but give me some cheese please…’ 😂

Sharda herself is a rising star and talks to’s Natalie Barrass about her wide-ranging career.

‘Mate, I know I am just like the Indian actress but give me some cheese please…’

It was recently announced that she will star in a new Netflix comedy drama, ‘Wedding Season’ alongside Suraj Sharma (‘Life of Pi’) directed by Tom Dey. It was reported that she will start shooting in Toronto in May with part of the production team behind Netflix smash, ‘Emily in Paris’.

Sharda has multi-continent list of credits – which has included director Gurinder Chadha’s colonial drama, ‘Beecham House’ (2019) ‘Lion’, alongside Dev Patel and Bollywood comedy caper ‘Besharam’ (2013), alongside two stars from the best known Indian film family, Ranbir Kapoor and the late Rishi Kapoor.

Sharha grew up in Australia and is a classically trained bharatanatyam dancer. Her most recent Bollywood film was ‘Begum Jaan’ (2017).

In 2017, Sharda was presented with The Rising Star Award by the Casting Guild of Australia and was nominated in for Best New Talent a year later in one of that country’s premier awards, The Logies.

She appeared in the Australian TV 10-part drama ‘Les Norton’ which starred Aussie Alexander Bertrand and Hollywood’s Rebel Wilson, and is a loosely based on a series of novels by Robert G Barrett chronicling the life and times of a country Queensland boy who heads for the bight lights of Sydney and gets caught up in all sorts of scraps when he takes up a position working in a casino managed by Sharda’s character, Georgie.

*Amended on 25.03.21 – in line with Warner’s release details for UK. Click here for details/access

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture