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Venice 2021 (video): Bengali star actor Sreelekha Mitra – “Sometimes a woman can manipulate a man and if she wants it to be physical, it’s her choice”

STAR of Bengali screen – Sreelekha Mitra doesn’t hold back in talking about her character, Ela’s situation in the film, ‘Once Upon a time in Calcutta’ which just enjoyed it world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival (September 1-11).
In this interview with acv correspondent Tatiana Rosenstein in Venice, she tells us about how she came to work with writer-director Aditya Vikram Sengupta and the dilemma faced by Ela in the film – in a loveless marriage, with a grown up daughter and aspirations to be independent and free in a changing city…

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Presenter: Tatiana Rosenstein
Editing: Natalie Barrass
Producer: Sailesh Ram

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture