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‘This is the starting point for a Hollywood film’ Tia Bhatia tells us about the documentary on Superfan Dad Nav Bhatia (video)

The Closing Gala film was a bit special and very memorable…

ROUNDING off our coverage from this year’s London Indian Film Festival (Liff) is the closing gala red carpet for the documentary, ‘Superfan: The Nav Bhatia’ Story’.
It is a great underdog story and Bhatia talks about how he fell in love with basketball and the Toronto Raptors team quicker than he did with his wife.
See what people like Magic Singh (magician) and Inkquisitive (artist) who knew him before the making of this film say about him…and of course the documentary sees a number of celebrities talk about Bhatia including comedian Russell Peters and Vince Carter, who became one of the most iconic NBA players..
We also hear from Bhatia’s influencer star daughter Tia – she tells us how excited she is about the next film that will be made based on her father’s achievements. A Hollywood film with Kal Penn playing her dad is in the works…
With thanks to Sanam Hasan of the London Indian Film Festival, the BFI and Blue Orchid Hotels

Production credits
Presenter/producer: Sailesh Ram
Camera/editing: Adrianne McKenzie

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture