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‘The Good Karma Hospital’ Episode 4 (review): Happy Ending but when woes come, they come not single spies, but in battalions….

‘The Good Karma Hospital’ Episode 4 (review): Happy Ending but when woes come, they come not single spies, but in battalions….

This is tough episode but there is some cheer towards the end…

by Mamie Colfox

LIGHT and cheery, this isn’t. But then so too is life sometimes… especially when it involves health and wellbeing – and relationships of the heart.

The highs of the previous episode come crashing down as Lydia (Amanda Redman) realises she must meet her ex-husband, Dr Jules Fonseca to finalise their divorce.

Her reluctance to meet him shows there is some unfinished business between the pair, with the reasons for their split still a mystery.

Another tricky situation sees her involved in an altercation between a father and son, resulting in her being pushed into a cabinet. It is rather shocking to see such a headstrong woman in a vulnerable position, but it doesn’t take long before she’s back to her normal self.

Another unfortunate storyline finally allows us into Dt Samir’s (Harki Bhambra) past. With Mari’s (Nimmi Harasgama) help, he is confronted with a traumatic situation when a woman pregnant with twins goes into early labour. Serious complications lead to one baby dying, a disturbing scene that would pull on anyone’s heartstrings.

Afterwards Mari gently nudges Samir to explain the loss of his daughter and broken marriage. It’s obvious he still hasn’t healed since he can barely comprehend it himself. Their closeness hints that a romance could be on the cards.

Of course the series has to include a surprise visit from Dr Varma who is greeted with a punch in the face from Mari A loyal friend to Ruby, she walks off, leaving Dr Varma with a bleeding lip.

The absence of Ruby (Amrita Acharia) is prevalent, and he is obviously looking for her, but why? To say sorry? To tell her he still loves her? Disappointingly his appearance is only brief, but hopefully he will return in episode five – without a punch in the face as a greeting- as it would be good to know his reasons for leaving.

Yet again, Dr Niki (Rebecca Ablack) makes another mistake with the mother and son duo, but it does eventually lead to the only positive outcome in the episode. Guided by Niki, the mother finally understands her son’s need for independence, and she gets the all-clear with her cancer scare. Finally, a happy ending.

Picture caption: Dr Samir Hasan (second left – Harki Bhambra) and Nurse Mari Rodriguez (Nimmi Harasgama) help an expectant mother and companion – Courtesy of ITV

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*Apolgies there was an earlier in the error in the text, it has now been corrected.

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture