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‘The Effects of Lying’ – talent talks about British comedy drama that will have you laughing and crying… (video and review)

An incredible array of talent is brought together for this family tale of affairs, mental breakdown, and finding your identity…

HILARIOUS and poignant at the same time (almost), this is about a dysfunctional family who just happen to be South Asian, live in a lovely big house in the London burbs’ and then suffer a horrendous day – for a multitude of reasons.
In this video, we get to meet the stars of ‘The Effects of Lying’ and what an array we have – Ace Bhatti, Laila Rouass, Lauren Patel, Navin Chowdhry (Eastenders), Shaheen Khan (‘Bend It Like Beckham’), Bhasker Patel (‘Emmerdale) and producer (and actor) Jon Tarcy and executive producer Ash Verma.
We filmed these interviews shortly after its first public World Premiere Screening at the BFI Southbank and as part of the London Indian Film Festival (LIFF, June 22-29). It was the closing film and these interviews were shot in The Blue Room during the post-screening reception party. Unfortunately Rouass was not present at the reception; and L Patel was unavailable on the evening due to filming commitments.

Production credits
A Big Talent Media production for
Producer & presenter: Sailesh Ram
Camera/editing: Harry Clegg

The film currently be seen on the main ITVx streaming channel in the UK for free (see link below).


Sangeeta (Laila Rouass) and Harvinder (Navin Chowdhry)

THIS is a riot if you like your comedy, dark, edgy and a little close to the bone, when it is about personal affairs.
Naveen (Ace Bhatti) is a respectable, family man who is trying to keep his slightly fractured personal relationships together – and everything unfolds in the space of a pretty tumultuous day.
His wife Sangeeta (Laila Rouass) is bored and dissatisfied with her lot; their teenage daughter Simran (Lauren Patel) has an eating disorder and is finding life a bit tough.
Naveen, meanwhile, is also trying to look after his Dad (Bhasker Patel) who is in a home and suffering from dementia or a similar unspecified condition. Poor old Naveen has a lot on his plate and is trying to get to the bottom of a mystery that has been bugging him for some time.
Just when he leaves the house to meet a private investigator to find out more, he forgets his phone and has to return – and then discovers his brother has sneaked around and is daughter hasn’t gone to college, as expected.
The trailer basically outlines the plot – but leaves out the most significant development of them all and doesn’t expose it till much near the end.
James Hey’s first feature script has a rich and believable cast of characters and director Isher Sahota lets this talented cast do its work and draw you into their world.
Some might find it a little confusing, OTT and packed with too many interesting family story lines – there are secrets and yet more secrets behind those.
Its good humour and strong personal and family themes keep it more than afloat and as many families might tell you – famed family facts are sometimes stretched, fictitious, or rather contrived and anyone who might have lived through the 1960s and 1970s might tell you not all relationships were black and white. In fact… we think you will know just what we mean… (Sailesh Ram)
Acv rating: **** (out of five)
On ITVx now (UK only free):

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture