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London Film Festival 2020 – Mogul Mowgli: Riz Ahmed’s on-screen parents’ Alyy Khan and Sudha Bhuchar talk family, culture and artistic legacy…(video)

Film has UK premiere tomorrow (October 10) and screens again on October 13 and is on genral release from October 30 in the UK and Ireland…please see links below….

iN THE NEW FILM – ‘Mogul Mowgli’, Alyy Khan and Sudha Bhuchar play the parents of Zed – (‘Zaheer’ played by Riz Ahmed) who is a successful British rapper on the verge of a global breakthrough.
Sadly, he succumbs to an illness and is forced to return from New York to London and initially, the parental home, where he is met with much love, affection and warmth by parents ‘Bashir’ (Khan) and ‘Nasra’ (Bhuchar).
However, as Zed’s illness begins to worsen, he is hospitalised and forced to confront his own mortality and assess his all relationships – including, perhaps, the central one with his father?
Khan, as his on screen father, is haunted by Partition, among other things – and which Khan discusses in this interview.
Bhuchar similarly gives her take on the subject of the fragility of masculinity which is a theme in this electrifying film – and which we hope is the start of a very long and productive collaboration between Ahmed and co-writer and first time director, Bassam Tariq.

We will have more on ‘Mogul Mowgli’ in the run up to its British Film Institute (BFI) UK and Ireland theatrical release from October 30 – including interviews with Tariq, Anjana Vasan who plays Vaseem, Zed’s business manager, and long-time friend, and Nabhaan Rizwan, who is ‘RPG’ – Zed’s rival and associate…
To read the acv interview with Riz Ahmed and Bassam Tariq see

With thanks to BFI and Sanam Hasan and DDA for trailer and images…

Film premieres in the UK at the BFI London Film Festival on October 10 and screens again on October 13 and will be in theatres in the UK and Ireland from October 30…

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