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Jeff Mirza and Asim Chaudhry talk ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’, colourism and comedy…

Film opens on February 24 in UK and on March 3 in Pakistan and India…

THIS is the last of our series of formal acv filmed interviews with the stars of the new romcom film, ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?
It is out in the UK on Friday (February 24) and heads to India on March 3, where you can see it in PVR cinemas.
In some ways, we have left the best to the last – these are two very funny guys who have been making people laugh for a long time.
Asim Chaudhry is best known as Chabuddy G – a character from the BAFTA-winning BBC comedy, ‘People Just Do Nothing’.
Chabuddy is a sort of everyman young (under 35) Asian character caricature who emerges from the mean – and mostly quite boring and staid – streets of (suburban) Hounslow but listen to Chabuddy and it is anything but…
In ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’, Chaudhry plays Mo the Matchmaker. It’s a small cameo part with a lot of oomph and very memorable – not least for the ‘dogging line’ (too rude to explain to a family audience!) which Chaudhry reveals was improvised as was much of that scene in which he appears most prominently – he and Mirza bouncing off each other – it’s brilliant comedy and that whole scene is very well done.
Jeff Mirza has established himself on the stand-up comedy circuit in the UK and internationally and is one of the pioneers of culture comedy and can be seen more and more as an actor and plays the Asian Dad in more than one film these days.
The pair talk about the issues the film covers and their own experiences of colourism, arranged and assisted marriages and comedy of this type.

Next up are interviews with Sajal Aly and Shabana Azmi. These were on Zoom (Azmi) and a non-acv filmed junket interview with Sajal Aly. Look out for those – we also have our final interview for the film, ‘Joyland’ which is also out in the UK this week (February 24) and in India on March 3.

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture