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‘Hello Rainbow: Finding Happiness in Colour’ by Momtaz Begum-Hossain – new book to inject colour into your life…

‘Hello Rainbow: Finding Happiness in Colour’ by Momtaz Begum-Hossain – new book to inject colour into your life…

Journalist and special acv presenter is a passionate colour advocate and launched a book today on the subject… don’t be chromatically conservative…😉

By Mamie Colfox

IN THESE dark and difficult times, anything that helps with our mood or general wellbeing is a welcome addition to a possible toolkit we all might want to develop for the challenges we all face.

Fresh off the press today no less – and into this space – comes colour therapist Momtaz Begum-Hossain, the journalist and presenter (who has worked for acv – see links below) launched her first specialist book on the subject earlier today (December 21), ‘Hello Rainbow: Finding Happiness in Colour‘.

Momtaz Begum-Hossain; Sue Kreitzman (lower right)
and Karen Arthur

Speaking at lunchtime from London, she was joined by artist Sue Kreitzman and fashion designer Karen Arthur on her own Instagram Live (see below please) feed to discuss her work.

The trio oozing optimism, positivity and a generosity of spirit also clearly practised what they preached – wearing colourful and individual outfits that helped to create a sense of fun, energy and warmth.

Momtaz believes that by wearing colourful clothes and dressing individually and perhaps idiosyncratically – it can help to heighten your own mood and wellbeing – and not to say, what it could do to help others who might need a little ‘colour’ perkiness to lift their own spirits.

The colour therapist articulates her colour philosophy in her book, around the theme of her ‘Hello Hue’. This is a seven-point manifesto on the importance of colour.

She explains that welcoming it into your life can benefit your wellbeing, encourage positivity and give you a greater sense of joy.

Her idea of ‘Hello Rainbow‘. is a further extension of Hello Hue and she argues it will help you to appreciate colour in all its glory.

Both Kreitzman and Arthur wrote forewords for the book, and explained their own personal relationships to colour and how it linked to the book in Momtaz’s Instagram Live.

Momtaz Begum-Hossain by Alexandre Pichon

When asked what she does to celebrate colour, Arthur said: “I have pops of colour that make me feel better, for example if I’m low, I put a bright yellow hoodie on”.

Kreitzman encourages others to embrace colour, because it “makes life worth living. There is no right or wrong, there’s only your way. If we can do it, you can do it”.

She also added that she loved the book so much she has pre-ordered six copies to give to members of her family – believing it can help anyone.

Hello Rainbow‘ is an extension of her Hello Hue philosophy and will help you to appreciate colour in all its glory, Momtaz said.

She emphasised its benefits, saying you will have “no idea how much it (introducing colour to your life) will lift your spirits…this book is giving my thoughts back to you”.

The speakers today all also agreed that everyone is different, with Arthur adding that the book is about “finding YOUR colours, you’ve got your own happy colours”.

The talk ended with Momtaz reading Kreitzman’s final sentence of her foreword: “Be brave. Engulf yourself, festoon your life, leap into the world of anti-neutrals. Chromatically charismatic is the only way to live”.

Today’s Instagram Live

Momtaz was memorably a presenter for acv’s Cannes Film Festival coverage in 2019 and managed to get into the pages of The Hollywood Reporter for her own fashion choices in a spread about what people were wearing at the festival that year. She also made a film, among others, for acv about street fashion at the festival that year – see the link below please.

Momtaz has also been on BBC radio and TV to talk about how powerful colour can be in helping with mood and wellbeing and was also invited to talk at Tate Modern on how to incorporate colour into your daily routine.

She has launched a website Hello Hue (see link below) in conjunction with her book. On the site she interviews guests who use colour to help with their own mental health. There are also articles on colour and activism, amongst other related topics.


Momtaz Begum Hossain Instagram Live launch

Hello Hue website

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture