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Film Bazaar 2023 buzz – the business of cinema; creating stars…(video)

Our first full day of interviews and we hear from two women at the vanguard of trying to change the face of Indian cinema by inspiring the next generation and create global stars that everyone will recognise…

Goa November 23 2023

IN a spirit of engagement and support – some of India’s most influential figures in the broadcasting, and entertainment space spoke about the challenges and opportunities that can come from creating the stars of the future.

This was just one of the sessions at Film Bazaar yesterday (November 22) – this is the trade or market section of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI – November 20-28).

We caught up one of the organisers of both Film Bazaar and IFFI, the dynamic, articulate and multi-talented  (an also author, actor and producer), Vani Tripathi Tikoo who is participating in both sections as the convenor. 

She spoke to us about what Film Bazaar is and its buzz, as well as about and how the National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC) engages with filmmakers both at home in India and abroad and how the desire to co-produce and work across borders – – sometimes with filming in India and talent and some production coming from outside and then producing films of high quality – works, with more than one country being involved. It is also in many ways the lifeblood for independent filmmakers in India – they can showcase their work to potential investors and co-production talent to further their films and create work capable of screening anywhere and everywhere…in the global market place for films.

The second interview is with one of the participants of the discussion at Film Bazaar, Creating Tomorrow’s Stars – Shaping Skills in Media and Entertainment. There is also a desire to make things more equal in what remains a very male industry, especially behind the camera.

While we spoke to Saraswathi Vani Balgam, writer and director, as well as being CEO and creative director of Dancing Atoms Studios, about her contribution to the debate panel which was made up a 75 per cent women – with Neerja Sekhar, additional secretary at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Sonia Huria, head of communications for Amazon Prime in India, being the two other women, while the other panellist, was Dr Nirmaljeet Singh Kalsi, chair of the National Council of Education and Training. He spoke about how India is revamping its education sector to accommodate and upskill a new generation for the digital future.  All the participants spoke about how India is aware of the global context and is very much looking ahead…

This is our first film from this year’s Film Bazaar & IFFI54 (2023)  – subscribe and hit the notification bell not to miss our filmed work here!

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Presenter/producer: Sailesh Ram 

Camera/editing: Tushil Pujari

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture