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Dhanush – Tamil Star: ‘A chance to grow’ and delighted if Avik Sen film comes off with Russo Brothers as they launch ‘The Gray Man’ (video)

New character played by Indian Tamil star could be the subject of film himself…

SUPERSTAR Dhanush talks about his role as Avik San in the Netflix film, ‘The Gray Man’, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo.
Dhanush plays accomplished assassin Avik San and he gets in the way of special CIA agent ‘Six’ played by Ryan Gosling and his sidekick Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas) and the film also features Chris Evans (‘Captain America’) and character Lloyd Hansen, a rogue CIA agent, as another protagonist in this film.
In this interview, Dhanush says how he got the filmmakers to change San from simply being ‘Indian’ to Tamil and how the three are keen to work together again, possibly on a film spin-off with San’s character at the centre of it – and it being filmed in India.
Imagine how amazing that would be…
There are multiple locations in this film and some have called it an American version of James Bond.

The film drops on Netflix today at 8am BST/12.30pm IST and midnight in LA

It is also available in selected cinemas in the UK and US

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture