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Cannes 2022 – ‘Joyland’ – writer-director Saim Sadiq on his film that won a prize at the film festival

Director is major global talent with a very promising future ahead of him…

THAT ‘Joyland’ was going to make a splash was something of a given – its story, its endorsement (see here) and its reception on Monday (May 23) suggested we were watching a major new talent emerge onto the world stage.
And so it has proved – Saim Sadiq, the writer-director behind ‘Joyland’ spoke to us before his film was awarded the Jury Prize by the Uncertain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival.
This is a powerful film and Sadiq’s intelligence and artistry come through in this interview and he talks about its rich themes.
At the heart of this film is a love story between a married man (Haider – Ali Junejo) and a transgender woman (Alina Khan) – it is perhaps not that story that hits you so much as the one between Haider and his wife Mumtaz (Rasti Farooq). But you will have to watch the film to appreciate that – the review explores these themes in further detail…

ACTOR ALINA KHAN talks to us about her role in the award-winning Cannes 2022 film, ‘Joyland’.
She reprises the role of ‘Biba’ – a transgender performer who falls for a married man called Haider (Ali Junejo).
Of course this love affair has huge implications for his wife 0 Mumtaz (Rasti Farooq) and yet…
She also discusses her career, her difference to Biba and what it means to be spotlight the issue of transgender through this movie from Pakistan, ‘Joyland’.

Sarwat Gilani is one of Pakistan’s best-known actors and plays the sister-in-law of Haider who falls in love with a transgender woman. She talks about her role, gender and family politics as well her lvoe of the UK and wanting to work in independent productions.

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture