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Cannes 2021 – Asghar Fahadi’s ‘A Hero’/‘Ghahreman ’ wins Grand Prix award (video review and reaction)

One of the world’s great filmmakers was back in Cannes and his latest film went down well with both the jury and the audience…

IT DIDN’T quite win the Palme d’Or – the top prize at Cannes but it was still chosen by the jury as one the best films to have screened in Cannes this year.

Asghar Farhadi’s film ‘Ghahreman‘ (‘A Hero‘) was presented with the Grand Prix by the international competition jury whose chairman this year was Spike Lee.

Farhadi received the prize from fellow filmmaker Oliver Stone and the award was given to both Farhadi’s film and jointly to ‘Hytti’ N°6 (‘Compartment N°6‘) and its director, Juho Kuosmanen. It is “a road movie set on a train” (says it maker) travelling in the Arctic and has two protagonists, a Finnish woman and a Russian man, who become romantically involved.

In this review, ACV’s Brigitte Leloire Kerackian discusses the film’s strengths with acv editor, Sailesh Ram.

Kérackian believed the film would be in the jury’s mind and she turned out to be correct.

Fahadi, reacting to the award on the evening, said: “ I remember, it was thirty-six years ago. I was thirteen years old and I made my first short film with the resources I had available. Since then, I have been writing and making films, despite the difficulties, despite the pressures. I continue to have the hope of questioning society around me and raising awareness.”

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture