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Antonio Aakeel and Abid Khan on what inspired them to make ‘Granada Nights’

GRANADA NIGHTS’ is a film that explores both the passion and folly of youth…
We follow Ben (Antonio Aakeel) from the UK to one of the oldest cities in Spain – Granada – drenched in the culture of the Moors and its myriad Arab and Islamic influences…
Ben is not interested in any of that – he has come in search of his girlfriend Helen, an exchange student.
He eschews the many attractions to be found in Granada initially, preferring to focus on mending his somewhat fragile relationship with Helen – who is nowhere to be seen…
Slowly, he begins to engage with those around him and the city itself, sparking a change and growing awareness of what life could be… He meets a character called Bilal, who has been living in the city many years.
Abid Khan, who wrote and directs the film and actor Antonio Aakeel talk about Granada Nights with acv’s editor Sailesh Ram.
The film releases in the UK today (May 28) and screens again in the UK Asian Film Festival (May 26-June 6)
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Granada Nights is on general release in the UK and screens 6pm, Wednesday, June 2 at Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA


Production credits

Presenter/Producer: Sailesh Ram
Editing: Natalie Barrass

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture