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Anny Diyva – India’s youngest Boeing 777 commander profiled as one of six women pioneers in new documentary – ‘Wonder Women’ (video)

New six part series features Indian woman who also has a following for her social media posts…

SCREENING for the first time at what is widely regarded as the international market for TV content is a new documentary featuring Indian Boeing 777 pilot and social media star Anny Divya.

Divya is one of six women celebrated and highlighted as a global women pioneer in their field – in ‘Wonder Women’ made by Christina Rose, a former Hollywood film executive. There is a special reception for the film at Mipcom (Marche International des Programmes de Communication) in Cannes tomorrow (October 13).

Both Divya and Rose spoke to about the making of ‘Wonder Women’ and how it seeks to show women battling prejudice and discrimination and succeeding and being role models for both sexes in unusual.

Made in six parts, it profiles each woman separately, Rose selected six whom she felt showed exceptional leadership qualities and were in industries where representation of women was poor and under 15 per cent.

She discovered that when it came to aviation – Indian women pilots were well above the international average of just about five or six per cent… in India, it is 14 per cent.

Rose travelled to India during the pandemic simply to show Divya at home and working abroad.

Watch the video to find out more…

In ‘Wonder Women’, Rose also features Marie Rose, a fisherwoman out of Alaska; an Astronaut trainee from Germany Suzanna Randall; a race car driver from Hungary Vivien Keszthelyi; a Puerto Rican Baseball player Diamilette Quiles Alicea; a musical conductor from China-New Zealand, Tianyi Lu.

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture