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Adil Hussain – ‘Pareeksha’ and more international work on the horizon and to appear in new Star Trek series 2020 …(video) IFFI 50

ADIL HUSSAIN is one of India’s best-known actors, working across Bollywood, independent Indian cinema, and increasingly international productions, including ‘Star Trek’.
He was invited to the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) to talk about his latest film with established actor-director, Prakash Jha.
In ‘Pareeksha’, Hussain plays a cycle rickshawallah, who takes a group of rick kids to their private school. He wishes his own son, who is bright and a very able student, could attend such a school, but the fees are very high for someone of Hussain’s character’s income and social standing…
As Hussain says, he also had two films of his at the Film Bazaar, which is the market-industry section of IFFI, and was conducted, November 20-24.
Star Trek – Picard‘ is a new series (and the third of this edition), which will air from January 24 2020 on Amazon Prime outside North America. It features the iconic Patrick Stewart in the lead role and the new series is set in 2385 and it is understood will comprise 10 episodes which will drop weekly on the streaming service.

See Adil Hussain in the official trailer below

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture