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ACV Quiz 2019 – What kind of asian culture vulture are you? Test yourself…Now for the answers!

ACV Quiz 2019 – What kind of asian culture vulture are you? Test yourself…Now for the answers!

Compiled by Suman Bhuchar

IT’S THAT time of year again where you can put you artistic wits to the test with our easy annual quiz.
Check out whether you know your art from your creative elbow and can busk it with the cognoscenti and show off at dinner parties or even get on Mastermind with your ‘special subject’!
No cheating now or consulting Google ….or any other internet based dictionary.
You will see most, if not quite all, of the answers are on

If you get the bonus question correctly, you will get 2 points, all other correct answers get 1 point.
If you get everything correct, you will get a maximum of 101 points.
Between 81-101 Congratulations! You’re a culturevulture genius and should definitely be applying for cultural diversity arts jobs that might come up in 2020…
41-80 You can definitely busk it in artistic circles with your art savvy credentials.
0-40. Mmmm. You just about know your art from your elbow but you need to get out more in 2020 and keep up to date with!
So how did you fare? Answers are in bold…


1. Which Asian actor appeared in the film ‘Yesterday’ as the only man who remembers the Beatles?

a) Dev Patel
b) Himesh Patel
c) Nikesh Patel
d) Bhasker Patel
e) Upen Patel

Bonus point: Name the showbiz couple who play his parents in ‘Yesterday’. Meera Syal and Sanjeev Bhaskar

2. Who was the first woman of Indian origin to win the Camera D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival

a) Deepa Mehta
b) Zoya Akhtar
c) Sai Panajpye
d) Mira Nair
e) Aparna Sen

Bonus point: Name the film and the year.Salaam Bombay’ 1988

3. ‘Blinded by the Light’ is a film based on the memoir of which journalist?

a) Vivek Chowdhury
b) Nikesh Shukla
c) Safraz Manzoor
d) Ayesha Hazarika
e) Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Bonus point: Name the title of the book. ‘Greetings from Bury Park’

4. Which Asian actor made an appearance at both the UK Asian Film Festival (21st edition) and the London Indian Film Festival (10th edition)?

a) Shabana Azmi
b) Radhika Apte
c) Zeenat Aman
d) Tannistha Chatterjee
e) Bhumi Pednekar

5. Which film is the highest grossing Pakistani film of 2019 and featured Mahira Khan?

a) Lal Kabootar
b) Superstar
c) Parey Hut Love
d) The legend of Maula Jatt
e) Ready Steady No

Bonus Point: Name her male co-star from the film. Bilal Ashraf


1. Which high-profile multi-arts festival that takes place in May was cancelled this year after nearly a decade?

a) Women of the World
b) London Mela
c) Manchester International Festival
d) Alchemy
e) Cannes Film Festival

2. Which Bollywood star made his first ever visit to Ireland to talk movies, producing and cricket?

a) John Abraham
b) Shah Rukh Khan
c) Ranbir Kapoor
d) Aamir Khan
e) Vicky Kaushal

Bonus point: Name the festival the star attended and who moderated the conversation? Belfast Film Festival, Aamir Khan talked to Nasreen Munni Kabir

3. Which Indian film had its world premiere at Berlinale 2019 (Berlin Film Festival) and was India’s entry to the 2020 Oscars?

a) Bombay Rose
b) Gully Boy
c) Kesari
d) War
e) The Sky is Pink

Bonus point: Name the director of this film. Zoya Akhtar

4. A Youtube Star who began by making her videos in her bedroom smashed the glass ceiling by being asked to host her own show on American television. Who is she?

a) Lilly Singh
b) Sunny Leone
c) Vidya Vox
d) Lisa Koshy
e) Farah Dukai

Bonus point: Name the show and the television network. ‘A Little Late With Lilly’, NBC

5. Name the photo journalist and activist who was recently released from prison and was one of the shortlisted nominees for 2019 Prix Pictet award

a) Prashant Panjiar
b) Margaret Courtney-Clarke
c) Shahidul Alam
d) Pablo Bartholomew
e) Rena Effendi


1.Who wrote and appeared in the play, ‘Does My Bomb Look Big in this’?

a) Ambreen Razia
b) Rabiah Hussain
c) Nyla Levy
d) Sophie Khan Levy
e) Nessah Muthy

2. Which play launched artistic director Rachel O’Riordan’s tenure at the Lyric Hammersmith?

a) A Doll’s House
b) Sweat
c) Hobson’s Choice
d) Ghosts
e) Small Island

Bonus Point: Who wrote the play? ‘A Doll’s House’ by Ibsen and adapted by Tanika Gupta

3.Which play was inspired by a real-life story of a young man with a stammer?

a) My Beautiful Laundrette
b) When the Crows Visit
c) Noises off
d) Mushy the musical
e) Pah La

4. Who stepped down after 40 years of running a theatre company and creating a unique venue in South London?

a) Jatinder Verma
b) Madani Younis
c) Rukhsana Ahmad
d) Roxana Silbert
e) Jude Kelly

5. Who directed the play set in a taxi firm dealing with Asian masculinity?

a) Indhu Rubasingham
b) Pooja Ghai
c) Kristine Landon-Smith
d) Poonam Brah
e) Janet Steel

Bonus point: Name the play and the writer. ‘Approaching Empty’ by Ishy Din


1.Which dancer/choreographer was a South Asian Dance Judge on the BBC Young Dancer 2019 show?

a) Seeta Patel
b) Mayuri Boonham
c) Gauri Sharma Tripathi
d) Mira Kaushik
e) Amina Khayyam

2. Which performance artist who has done Bruce Lee impersonations and been Spider Man and uses autobiography and humour to discuss identity, won a prestigious prize this year?

a) Imran Perreta
b) Hetain Patel
c) Parle Patel
d) The YoniVerse Poetry Collective
e) Raju Rage

3. Which dance show inspired by The Mahabharata returned to the Roundhouse in London this year?

a) Until the Lions
b) Battlefield
c) Draupadi and Karna
d) Raajneeti
e) Material Men redux

Bonus point: Name the writer of the text. Karthika Nair

4. Temple of Fine Arts is a male ensemble that performed at the Darbar Festival 2019 with a piece curated by which choreographer?

a) Akram Khan
b) Akash Odedra
c) Seeta Patel
d) Mavin Khoo
e) Pratap Pawar

5. Who stepped down from the UK’s major’s South Asian Dance organisation this year?

a) Geeta Upadhyaya
b) Mira Kaushik
c) Shobana Jeyasingh
d) Bombay Jayshree
e) Tara Rajkumar

Bonus point: What was the organisation originally called when it was founded in 1979? Academy of Indian Dance


1. Who performed and produced the music theatre show on the daughter of Tansen (considered to be the ‘father of Indian classical music’)?

a) Chandra Chakraborty
b) Chitra Sundaram
c) Ahmed Kaysher
d) Jay Visvadeva
e) Baluji Shrivastav

Bonus point: Name the title of the show.Saraswati: Forgotten Daughter of Taansen

2. Which composer and producer artist celebrated 20 years of a music album with a live concert this year?

a) Talvin Singh
b) Nitin Sawhney
c) Anoushka Shankar
d) Najma Akhtar
e) Naughty Boy

Bonus point: Name the album and the venue of the concert. ‘Beyond Skin’ at the Royal Albert Hall

3. She is known as one of the great ‘mystic singers’ who performs Qawwali, Kafis and Bulleh Shah poetry and it delighted audiences at the Barbican this year. Who is she?

a) Harshdeep Kaur
b) Nooran Sisters
c) Abida Parveen
d) Susheela Raman
e) Sheila Chandra

4. SS Rajamouli’s film, ‘Bahubali: The Beginning’ Live conducted by The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra was a big hit at that Royal Albert Hall. Can you name the conductor who reprised the score?

a) Ludwig Wicki
b) Sir Simon Rattle
c) Zubin Mehta
d) David Murphy
e) Jane Glover

Bonus point: Name the composer of the score. MM Keeravaani

5. Which British filmmaker was a castaway on a BBC radio programme and made a documentary about an artist of one of the tracks selected?

a) Anita Rani
b) Ahmed Jamal
c) Asif Kapadia
d) Richie Mehta
e) Gurinder Chadha


1. Which Asian poet was awarded the ‘Outspoken Prize 2019’ and also presented a programme on television dealing with mental health in young people?

a) Nikita Gill
b) Shareefa Energy
c) Sanah Ahsan (pictured above)
d) Moniza Alvi
e) Mona Arshi

2. What is the real name of the spoken word artist and rapper called ‘Humble the poet’?

a) Amandeep Singh
b) Kanwer Singh
c) Mandeep Singh
d) Harmeet Singh
e) Karan Singh

Bonus point: Name the title of his latest book. ‘Things that no one can teach us’

3. What is the novel by Salman Rushidie shortlisted in this year’s Booker Prize 2019?

a) Quichotte
b) Midnight’s Children
c) Grimus
d) Shalimar the Clown
e) Shame

4. “I believe in an India of pluralism and diversity, not of religious bigotry and caste politics. I believe in an India that is secure in itself and confident of its place in the world, an India that is a proud example of tolerance, freedom and hope for the downtrodden. Who said this?

a) Shri Narendra Modi
b) Shri Shashi Tharoor
c) Shri Ram Nath Kovind
d) Mahatma Gandhi
e) Shrimati Pratibha Patil

5. What is the Jhalak Prize and who is it awarded to?

a) International prize awarded to writers writing about South Asian themes
b) Celebrating books by British /British resident BAME writers of colour from the UK.
c) Writers writing in the English language under the age of 40.
d) Britain’s oldest literature award given for fiction, biography and drama.
e) Celebrating women writers who have written for theatre.

Bonus Point: Name the winning author and title of 2019. Guy Gunaratne – ‘In Our Mad and Furious City’


1. Who is the leading actor working secretly in the Intelligence Service in the Indian TV series on Amazon Prime, ‘The Family Man’?

a) Manoj Bajpayee
b) Saif Ali Khan
c) Sharib Hashmi
d) Raj Nidimoru
e) Krishna DK

Bonus point: Name the character he plays. Srikanth Tiwari

2. Who plays John Beecham in the TV period drama series, ‘Beecham House’?

a) James Norton
b) Tom Bateman
c) Asa Butterfield
d) Leo Suter
e) Marc Warren

3. Who presented ‘The Curry House kid’ and what is it about?

a) Tom Singh
b) Akram Khan about helping out with his Dad’s restaurant in Brick Lane
c) Nisha Katona
d) Asma Khan
e) Akash Odedra

4. Which Asian actor appears in the Ricky Gervais series, ‘After Life’?

a) Mandeep Gill
b) Taj Athwal
c) Mandeep Dhillon
d) Aasiya Shah
e) Halema Hussain

Bonus point: Name the character she plays and her job. She plays a local newspaper journalist called Sandy

5. Who appeared in the hit BBC TV series ‘Bodyguard’ as a detective?

a) Ash Tandon
b) Ray Panthaki
c) Sanjeev Bhaskar
d) Ace Bhatti
e) Tony Jayawardena

Bonus point: Name the character. DCI Deepak Sharma


1. Which British Asian comedian writes and appears in the television series, ‘Man Like Mobeen’?

a) Tej Ilyas
b) Mobeen Azhar
c) Guz Khan
d) Mawaan Rizwan
e) Jeff Mirza

2. Who plays ‘Dotty Otley’ in the comedy farce revival of ‘Noises Off’ currently running at the Garrick Theatre, London?

a) Meera Syal
b) Anji Mohindra
c) Shaheen Khan
d) Souad Faress
e) Shelley King

3. Name one of the Funny lassies who appeared at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival and also known as ‘The Asian Ellen DeGeneres’

a) Sajeela Kershi
b) Ishi Khan
c) Zahra Barri
d) Lubna Kerr
e) Shappi Khorsandi

4. Which Youtube star played the titular role in director, Archana Kumar’s popular comedy theatre show ‘Mrs Kapoor’s Daughter’s Wedding’?

a) Mindy Kaling
b) Parle Patel
c) Shobu Kapoor
d) British Bindi
e) Sukki Singapora

5. Name the comedian and presenter, who was booed and had bread thrown at him at a charity cricket launch?

a) Romesh Ranganathan
b) Nish Kumar
c) Shazia Mirza
d) Sindhu Vee
e) Vir Das

Bonus Point: Name the TV series presented by the same comedian. ‘The Mash Report’


1.Which British Asian artist held a solo exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery earlier this year?

a) Faiza Shaikh
b) Nasser Azam
c) Rasheed Araeen
d) Raqib Shaw
e) Shazad Dawood

Bonus Point: Name the title of the exhibition. ‘Saiful Malook’

2. Which artist had an installation exhibition at the Tate Gallery using archive to see how they reflect the British Asian story?

a) Zarina Bhimji
b) Hardeep Pandhal
c) Bhajan Hunjan
d) Idris Khan
e) Sutapa Biswas

Bonus Point: Name the title of the exhibition. ‘Lead White’

3. Where does the multi-media artist Chila Kumari Burman who works in print, mixed media, photography and painting come from?

a) London
b) Liverpool
c) Glasgow
d) Birmingham
e) Newcastle

4. Name the title of the exhibition curated by historian William Dalrymple?

a) Forgotten Masters: Indian Paintings for the East India Company
b) Invisible Narratives
c) Dora Maar
d) For Corners of One Cloth: Textiles From the Islamic World
e) Homelands: Art from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

5. Queen Victoria was the subject of two exhibitions at Kensington Palace in 2019 – in fact it is still on until January 5 2020. What anniversary does this mark?

a) 100th anniversary of being Empress of India
b) 200th anniversary of her birth
c) 150th anniversary of Prince Albert’s death
d) 99th anniversary of her death
e) 142 years of meeting Abdul Karim

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