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ACV Bird Eye Review Show – ‘Turtle’ (Zee 5) Series 2 Episode 1 – India’s festival version of ‘Don’t Look Up’ ? (video) *changes from Series 1*

Text has been edited since original publication (27.01.22) to confirm format changes to regular show and new series that has started with this in 2022.

THE BIRD EYE REVIEW SHOW will drop every first and third Friday of the month from February 3.

This a new format and recognised by a new series – series 2, and is different from Series 1 as it will focus on just ONE online or cinema offering.

The show was originally conceived during the pandemic when cinemas were closed globally – now that many around the world have opened, we will be including a wider range of content including festival coverage from around the world – stay tuned and subscribe for more great content, asianculturevultures!

This moth, our Nat watches Turtle on Zee 5 – watch to see what she makes of it?
Will if get the bird eye’s approval…

Production credits:
A Big Talent Media Production for
Producer: Sailesh Ram
Presenter/Editor: Natalie Barrass (

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture