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ACV Bird Eye Review Show – episode 3: ‘Breathe into the Shadows’, ‘Bulbbul’ and ‘Kadakh’; Bollywood news and more…(video)

Our intrepid bird in India has something to say… say hello to her on Youtube, tell us what you think…

In the latest episode of the ACV Bird Eye Review Show, our intrepid eagle-eyed Nat surveys the the Indian film scene, gives her take on the nepotism row that has been bubbling since the sad suicide of outsider star Sushant Singh Rajput last month, comments on interventions made by Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut and then reviews Abhishek Bachchan streaming debut in ‘Breathe Into the Shadows’. Bachchan is a better actor than he is given credit for – and Nat wades into the debate. As for ‘Breathe’ – hear what she has to say.
‘Bulbbul’ has been quietly gathering plaudits since it dropped and Nat thinks the series has a lot to offer but why… Hear her on the Anushka Sharma produced series now on Netflix. Finally, Nat sinks her fangs (oh yes, this is one bird with them!) into ‘Kadakh’ – it’s not all bad though…

Hear what she’s going to be turning her eyes to next month…and feel free to say hello and comment – we’d love to hear from you and welcome you to the flock!

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Asian Culture Vulture Bird Eye Review Show Episode 3

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture