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‘A Suitable Boy’ – actors Namit Das, Mikhail Sen and Danesh Razvi talk about roles, working with Mira Nair and Vikram Seth…

HEAR what it was like playing the role of the suitors to heroine Lata Mehra in director Mira Nair’s TV adaptation of Vikram Seth’s celebrated novel ‘A Suitable Boy’.
We talked to Namit Das (Haresh Khanna) Mikhail Sen (Amit Chatterji) and Danesh Razvi (Kabir Durrani) about their characters, working with Mira Nair, talking to Vikram Seth about Haresh, Amit and Kabir – and what the series and the roles they played meant in the wider themes exhibited in what has become a popular and eagerly anticipated conclusion to this TV series.

Pictures courtesy BBC Pictures and © Lookout Point


A Suitable Boy 9pm BBC One – Sunday, August 23 (Episode 5), A Suitable Boy, (Final episode) Monday, August 24

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture