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Umbreen Ali – A tribute

Umbreen Ali – A tribute

By Sailesh Ram, founder and editor of

IT IS WITH a huge sense of shock, bewilderment and incredible sadness that we came to learn of the death of Umbreen Ali, the Asian Media Awards, co-founder and media manager.

We all, at, want to extend our deepest condolences and most profound sympathy to all her family, friends and colleagues at the Asian Media Awards (AMA).

Umbreen was a wonderful person – and in addition, very professional, thoughtful and considerate in all her work – and we believe she has left a brilliant legacy which will continue to develop and prosper in the years to come – her example a shining beacon which others will be inspired by and continue to follow.

Umbreen Ali welcomes the Asian Media Award nominees in 2016 (acv picture)

She was always very friendly, welcoming and extremely supportive and played some small part in helping us to establish ourselves as a website from our modest beginnings in 2013.

It was Umbreen who told us that we had been nominated in 2014 in the best blog category – I still remember getting the email, informing us of our nomination and being slightly pushed off centre by it all. It was an amazing moment and she was there to transfer me from a dreamy haze to reality.

I wondered whether there had been some sort of mistake, but Umbreen was very reassuring and encouraging and during all our dealings with the AMA over the years, and mostly through her and her alone, she was a beautiful presence: calm, authoritative and extremely warm.

So, it is with a lot of pain in our hearts that we came to hear of her passing and want to use this opportunity to tell everyone, she should not be forgotten – and our thoughts and sympathies are very much with her three children, other family, friends and all her colleagues at AMA.

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture