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‘The Good Karma Hospital’ – reaction and round-up to series finale (wrap): James Krishna Floyd and Amanda Redman

‘The Good Karma Hospital’ – reaction and round-up to series finale (wrap): James Krishna Floyd and Amanda Redman

Some fans are also calling for more than the current six episodes in the series...

THERE’S a lot of love out there for ‘The Good Karma Hospital’ which ended its current run last night (February 28).

ITV has not confirmed whether there will be a fifth series yet. spoke to creator and lead writer Dan Sefton last week but he said he is waiting to hear and will inform us when he knows. (We will publish this print interview in due course).

Both fans and actors took to social media to express their views on the last episode. James Krishna Floyd, who plays Dr Gabriel Varma, tweeted: “Huge love 2 everyone who watched the finale of #GoodKarmaHospital tonight. Big humble thank you 2 the over 8 million Brits who watched the first ever episode, plus the millions more internationally who will watch tonight’s ep in the near future. Hope you enjoy/ed the ride. ❤️ JKF”.

He’s one of the most popular characters of the show and his unexpected appearance in episode 4/6 surprised many fans and has left them wanting more.

Marygranny5 reacting to on Instagram commented: “So cruel bringing Gabriel back and then leaving us hanging again for next series complete with Gabriel from 1st episode”.

Amanda Redman (Lydia Fonseca) expressed her joy at filming the last scene with Neil Morrissey (Greg McConnell ), after a fan asked her if they had fun filming, to which she replied “Yes we really did !! Xx”

Dr Lydia Fonseca (Redman) pushed her new husband Greg McConnell (Neil Morrissey) into a pool and then joined him in the closing scenes of the final episode!

Another fan showed general support to Mari (Nimmi Harasgama) “I am definitely a kin to Nurse Mari in @goodkarmahosp she says everything I would see myself saying 😀”, and Haragama’s response praised writer Dan Sefton “that’s definitely thanks to #dansefton and his team of writers.”

In one of the final scenes, Nurse Mari (Harasgama) shares a kiss with new British doctor Samir Hasan (Harki Bhambra) – No more will they won’t they? there then…

“Sunday nights just aren’t going to be the same without #GoodKarmaHospital. I don’t think I have ever loved a programme so much,” said one fan, whilst there was hope for another series from another “Thank you for another beautiful series of #goodkarmahospital ❤❤. It’s over far too soon but has been lovely. Fingers crossed for a series 5 please”.

There were, however, some fans who were left terrified after Greg and Nikki (Rebeca Ablack) were threatened by a patient with a knife, after his wife was killed in a car crash. “I was so scared one of the team was going to die, phew,” said one fan, and another wrote “It’s been extremely funny and stressful tonight. Brilliant episode and balance.”

Picture credit: Chris Burgess/©Tiger Aspect

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You can watch all series 1-4 The Good Karma Hospital on ITV hub –

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture