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‘The Good Karma Hospital’ Episode 6 (review): The long awaited wedding, a car crash and some new (and old) relationships blossoming

‘The Good Karma Hospital’ Episode 6 (review): The long awaited wedding, a car crash and some new (and old) relationships blossoming

The final episode gives satisfying conclusions to some storylines…

A CLIMACTIC last episode in the series includes cold feet from both Lydia (Amanda Redman) and Greg (Neil Morrissey), a budding relationship between two medical professionals (can you guess who?) and a slightly underwhelming resolution to Gabriel (James Krishna Floyd) and Ruby’s (Amrita Acharia) situation.

The episode begins with sabotage from Jules (Ace Bhatti) as Lydia finds a letter from him, trying to destroy her wedding. It’s frustrating that he won’t let her move on and is a true testament to his character. He can’t cheat on her and get her back.

Greg (Neil Morrissey) and Dr Lydia Fonseca
Picture: Chris Burgess / © Tiger Aspect

Greg’s stag night obviously went well, with the return of Paul (Philip Jackson) ending with a boozy night and their ridiculous wedding outfits a comedic buffer to the casualty that Gabriel and Ruby are faced with when a bus driver’s dangerous driving runs a car off the road, leaving a family of three trapped inside.

In true dramatic mode, the timing of their arrival at the hospital interrupts Lydia and Greg’s wedding ceremony, which works well for Lydia, since we haven’t learned what she truly thinks of Jules’ letter yet. All hands are on deck as they fight to save the family, but sadly the wife doesn’t pull through, resulting in a tricky situation for Dr Niki (Rebecca Ablack) when the husband threatens to stab her with a pair of scissors.

Whether the wedding will go ahead is thrown into question when Greg finds Jules’ letter and is convinced that Lydia still loves him. She, quite unfairly, doesn’t reassure him and Greg leaves, understandably upset. It’s not until near the end of the episode that Lydia comes to her senses and they finally tie the knot.

Dr Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia) and Dr Gabriel Varma (James Krisha Floyd)
Picture: Chris Burgess / © Tiger Aspect

With the help of Niki, Samir (Harki Bhambra) plucks up the courage to admit his feelings for Mari (Nimmi Harasgama) and, unsurprisingly, it is reciprocated and is a satisfying ending to the build- up of awkward eye contact and life revelations throughout the series.

Gabriel and Ruby’s final conversation is rather underwhelming, and it would have been better to hear how Gabriel actually felt, rather than a plea for Ruby to help him change. On the other hand, his lack of communication is completely true to form. The series ends with both of them riding off on Ruby’s motorbike, whilst the rest of the cast revel in the happiness of Greg and Lydia’s wedding.

Highlight of the series – Has to be the two punches (one from Sister Mari and the other from Ruby) Gabriel receives on his unannounced return. He didn’t get off lightly, and it really did serve him right!

Acv episode rating: *** (out of five)

ACV series rating: *** ½ (might have been four but for the slightly underwhelming way Ruby and Gabriel responded to each other at the end!) out of five

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture