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Jay Shetty – ‘Peace and Purpose’ interview about his first book, ‘Think Like A Monk’ (video)

Know who he is..?

IT IS HARD to categorise Jay Shetty – except perhaps to say, he is phenomenon in his own right.

He has amassed over 30 million followers across social media and internet channels and has appeared on several US talk shows, including ‘The Ellen Show’ and ‘Late Night with Lilly’, among others.

The podcast host, former monk and now purpose coach, motivational speaker and internet sensation – has just published his first book, ‘Think Like A Monk’.

He sat down to discuss its contents with acv and the book is a fascinating insight into both the man and his philosophy – he draws a lot from ancient teachings – contained in the Vedas, a multitude of texts composed thousands of years ago in India.

He would accept his teachings are not new – but the way he ‘packages’ them and relays these ideas are hugely successful and utterly compelling to many – the numbers speak for themselves.

In ‘Think Like A Monk’ (Harper Collins in the UK), he describes his spiritual journey from being a fun-loving, hedonistic, ambitious North London Gujarati business student to becoming an austere monk who lived in an ashram and meditated for hours.

After some time, he left India and returned to London and his parental home and in some ways, looked to pick up where he had left off.

It didn’t go to plan – and a new journey began, making “wisdom go viral” and now in his first ever book, it is about helping others to attain “peace and purpose” to their lives.

He is a storyteller – just not one in a very traditional mould.

In this interview, he talks about the challenges and the difficulties and how adjusting to each way of life has informed his thinking and beliefs.

His videos started to go viral a fw ago and he began to amass huge numbers on Facebook (over 25 million followers) and left Britain first to work for HuffPost after being recruited personally by founder Arianna Huffington.

After a stint in New York, where he had his own video show, talking to often well-known guests, he then relocated to Los Angeles with his wife, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty and so began his very personal mission…

Are you ready? Watch…

Production credits
Presenter/producer: Sailesh Ram
Editing: Natalie Barrass
With thanks to Media Hive

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture