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Jay Sean: Uncovered (not like that…) part I

Jay Sean: Uncovered (not like that…) part I

November 17 2014

Top selling singer-songwriter and very much an artist speaks to and, in a sneak preview of the longer interview, answers those five essential acv questions…

OKAY, so the whole world and her dog (or what seems like it) has had their time with the almost ubiquitous Jay Sean. And no disrespect there, bro. It’s a massive chest-bump, Mr Sean, ahead of the release of his free to download album, “ The Mistress II“.

But you know what…so what?

Ask that in the way a rapper or beatboxer might, friends: aggressive, in your face, virtually contemptuous.

This hugely successful artist, now based in the New York, still has the ability to surprise, stimulate and is the ultimate professional.

And so when Sean gave us some time, we covered a lot of ground: morality, men and lust, marriage, fatherhood, the future and of course, his music and return to his RnB roots, rather than a clean pop sound probably more in line with what Cash Money Records (CMR), his old label, wanted. He left them earlier this year in what he has described as an “amicable split”.

And he has not been named in a new (reported November 16) lawsuit filed by Orange Factory Music against CMR, saying it is owed cash from helping to produce Sean’s hit 2009 single, “Down” and seven other songs. Top celeb site is reporting that Orange Factory received only $211,000 (£121,000) and is suing for a million dollars (£625,000). There was no word from CMR at time of publication and there was no comment from Sean, who continues to promote his album ahead of its release in the UK.

Jay Sean tweets on day of media interviews - we respond

That is all a diversion – when Sean spoke to last week it was humbling and massively inspiring – his professionalism and sheer generosity of spirit was infectious and that too after a very long day – as the tweet indicated (see right).

The longer version’s coming (part II, tomorrow-Wednesday in line with the release of “The Mistress II” mixtape)…but here’s how he responded to the five essential questions.

Five essential questions Who or what most inspired in your line of work, career or just life in general?

Jay Sean (JS): Artists who have had longevity, longevity is everything. Jay Z for example, a lot of these bands and believe it or not, people like Elton John, Madonna, Michael Jackson, people who moved with times and adapted.

2.ACV: What would count as an ambition still to be fulfilled?

JS: Loads, man. I would like to make a difference in a social or humanitarian way…something which could affect people’s lives in a much grander way…

3.ACV: What’s the best advice anyone has given you?

Jay Sean, licence to thrill, eats cake and goes to the gym

JS: My Dad said there’s two decisions you only ever have to make for yourself 1. Your life partner 2. Your job. Because you’re going to have to live with those two forever.

4.ACV: What’s your favourite place (other than home) and why?

JS: Probably like the Caribbean, or places like Miami, it’s just I am happier in the sun.

5.ACV: What would you tell your 18-year-old self?

JS: I’d say stop eating so much cake! I had to, that’s why I have to work out so much, I have a tendency to put on weight and get fat…I was a chubby kid all the way up until 19, then I went to the gym, ran, lost all that weight. I love the gym, I need it for my sanity – that one hour to myself.

* Part II full interview with details of ‘The Mistress Part II’ coming soon…

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture