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‘Hotel Mumbai’ – Nazanin Boniadi talks to acv about her ‘life-changing role’ in film about 26/11 attack on Taj (#tiff2018)

IN THIS interview, star Nazanin Boniadi talks to Sailesh Ram, editor of about her role in the forthcoming ‘Hotel Mumbai’.

The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7 2018.

‘Hotel Mumbai’ brilliantly depicts the horrible events of November 26 2008, when terrorists stormed the Taj Hotel in Mumbai and rampaged through one of India’s best known and much cherished hotels for three days.

Boniadi plays a character whose family are caught up in the carnage of that terrorist attack and the film is based on the true events of those evenings.

She talks about the emotional impact of the role, getting to know – and love – India and Mumbai, and her British roots.
First-time feature Australian director Anthony Maras has made an excellent film which is both sophisticated and has real depth.
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Boniadi, who was born in Tehran and is of Iranian heritage, grew up in London and left for higher studies in the US. She has appeared in many prime-time US dramas, including ‘Homeland’, ‘Suits’ and ‘How I met your Mother’ and was a high-flying medical researcher before pursuing an acting career.

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For UK Partners (Brit Asia, and Prime Asia (Canada, see their film on TIFF and Hindi language interview with Anupam Kher
With thanks to the film publicity unit at VVS Films Canada. Shot by its unit in Toronto on September 8 2018.
Presenter/Producer: Sailesh Ram (

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture