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Cannes 2016: Get ready for mayhem in motion on red carpet for Money Monster (day 2)

Cannes 2016: Get ready for mayhem in motion on red carpet for Money Monster (day 2)

May 12 2016
Cannes, Day 2 (diary type item)

Day 2 and it feels like an outpost of California and the weather has obliged too as the Hollywood juggernaut ‘Money Monster’ out of competition hits the Croisette…

IF IT IS STARRY glitz at Cannes you’re looking for – today has it and more!

Jodie Foster’s directorial debut Sony Studio movie, “Money Monster” rolled into town with a couple of heavy Hollywood artillery battalions – George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

You don’t get much heavier than that.

Crowds building ahead of the premiere of 'Money Monster' this evening (Thurs)

In an hour or so from now, there will be quite the commotion on the Red Carpet, you won’t be able to hear yourself think.

No, wait a moment…you won’t be able to think.

Much like the hullabaloo for the press conference (and that’s only us), it will be mayhem in motion. Did you see the earlier tweet and FB post with the George Clooney picture.

The video team have access tonight and we’ll be doing some social media hopefully before they actually get on there and where we cannot go.

As we’re not too far away from that in timing – this is a short post.

Quite the commotion when George Clooney makes his way to the press conference for 'Money Monster'

The weather has improved markedly – it’s been sunny and warm.

More too on that other photo (to the right with video team: Attika Choudhary and Parle Patel with Hollywood star and L’Oreal ambassador Eva Longoria, when we have have it.

Oh, the film “Money Monster“, it’s entertaining…let’s leave at that for the time being…

We will have a review in due course (fingers crossed; you can never predict)…sorry it’s short but there are other things calling too…
Sailesh Ram

Picture: George Clooney; Jodie Foster; Julia Roberts


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Written by Asian Culture Vulture