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We are 10 today! Here’s our journey in video…

IT’S BEEN quite the journey as you can imagine and over this year, we will be documenting our own and other significant contributors will also be looking at the work they have done both for and our Youtube Channel.
We also hope to host an event which will be both a celebration and a platform to showcase some of the best art and culture from the UK – our home.
We are working on a few things in relation to this and will announce as soon as everything is in place!
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Above is a video recognising our work on Youtube – you will see that Cannes and other film festivals have been a big part of our growth and development.
But the site too contains a number of interviews and we will be revisiting some of the ones that made an impact on us over these years…
As always, thanks immensely for all your support and interest – and we hope to be around going into our next decade and fly even higher!
So, keep on this bird’s wings and see where we can go together…
Thank you
Sailesh 🙏

A Big Talent Media Production for
Presenter: Sailesh Ram (
Editing: Harry Clegg
Music: Anuj Deo

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture