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‘Trojan Horse’ (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018) – Video interviews coming

‘Trojan Horse’ (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018) – Video interviews coming

An alleged plot by Islamist extremists to take over Birmingham schools was thwarted by vigilant teachers and politicians or was it?…

The truth was quite different as this play shows… hard-hitting and absorbing ‘Trojan Horse’ gets well underneath the headlines and politics to reveal something deep and meaningful to all of us…

Hear director and co-writer Matt Woodhead and leading actress Annice Boparai talk about the issues and what it means to put on a production which has added relevancy since Boris Johnson, former Conservative foreign secretary, made his comments about some women wearing Islamic dress looking like letterboxes and bank robbers…

‘Trojan Horse’ – Summerhall, Main Hall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

Picture: Ashna Rabheru, Maanuv Thiara, Annice Boparai snd Shobat Kadara

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture