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‘Parey Love Hut’ – Two stars: Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali talk about dreams, making it and what they want in their next film…

‘Parey Love Hut’ – Two stars: Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali talk about dreams, making it and what they want in their next film…

Spoke to acv in London before release of film

WHATEVER the merits and there many – say the critics – of ‘Parey Love Hut’, it’s hard not to be charmed by its two stars Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali – perhaps both on the big screen and away from it.

Both were utterly charming, friendly and very relaxed talking about some of the themes in this film.

Talking to before the film’s release, Maya Ali mixes a message about personal dreams and aspirations and reflects on the difference between her and her character, ‘Saniya’ in the film.

Sheheryar Munawar and MAya Ali

“She’s bold, she’s beautiful and the best is she is knows the value of her family, this is the reason why I picked up the film and I could not say no to him (Asim Raza).

From the trailer and all the stills of ‘Parey Hut Love’, it looks beautiful and the main cast are easy on the eye – there is also an appearance in a dance number for Mahira Khan, who probably still remains internationally the best known actress from Pakistan.

Ali told us that she is personally very sensitive and not like Saniya in the film in that respect.

“She is very focused, has a heart obviously and knows the value of her family.”

For Ali, she admitted her father wasn’t overly keen on the path she had chosen for herself. She was a TV star before moving into film.

“He stopped talking to me for eight years and I thought I have to show him (I can do this) and he did accept it later and we started talking again, but he passed away (2016).”

It’s of course sad that having reconciled, he could not enjoy his daughters’ undoubted growth and success, but behind the warmth and charm that is Maya Ali, there is also an admirable steeliness.

“It’s been eight years of struggle and this is not overnight fame. (She has a very healthy two million plus followers on Instagram.)When I started there was a lot of criticism and lot of people said I was overrated and a bad actress.”

Sheheryar Munawar plays an actor/crooner

The point is she stuck at it and believed in herself and her path and now she’s reaping those rewards – she didn’t say the last bit herself but when she said this, you know it is also about her.

“I would request you don’t give up on your dreams, if you really want to do something, go and fight for it, we have only one life.”

She also urged people not to be judgemental and said she wants to continue to play characters who are strong-willed and don’t just follow a crowd. She played a similarly confident and assertive female character in her big screen debut, alongside star Ali Zafar, in his ‘Teefa in Trouble’.

“I got a chance to play characters in both films that are confident and mature – in TV dramas you don’t get that sort of character.

“I like quirky scripts and characters I’d like to play the sort of character Rani Mukherji did in ‘Hichki’ (the character had Tourette syndrome and was aspiring to be a teacher).

A dance number from the film

Sheheryar Munawar plays the ‘quintessential lover boy’ (his own words) and in the film is an actor searching for a role which will elevate him.

He told us that Raza renamed the character on the first day of shooting to his own name.

“He’s a commitment phobe and I have struggled with a commitment phobia all my life and it’s something all of us Millennials suffer from – whether it’s love, a hobby or a job – switching from one thing to another.”

Both Munawar and Ali travelled to Manchester and Birmingham to do publicity for the film.

“We were really freaked out by people following us and singing the songs from the film but it was also very heart-warming.”

On his fourth film now, he’s done different roles in each and while he told acv, he’s not averse to the adulation as a single man, it’s a good sign he’s thinking ahead.

“It’s still very early in my career and I want to see how much I can push myself as an actor. I like playing weird characters, eccentrics.”

The reviews have been positive and described by Munawar “as a family entertainer and a classic romance told in a light way”, it’s been doing decent numbers this Eid and on Pakistan’s Independence Day today(August 14).

‘Love Parey Hut’ is in cinemas in the UK…

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture