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LFF 2022 : ‘Creature’ – Asif Kapadia and Akram Khan and others behind new film talk to acv…

It has just had its world premiere…

CREATURE‘ is a new film collaboration between Oscar and Bafta award winning director Asif Kapadia and the much garlanded Indian classical (Kathak) British dance supremo and choreographer Akram Khan.
The film enjoyed its world premiere at the London Film Festival with a screening at the BFI Southbank on Saturday, October 15 2022.
In the video on the red carpet prior to its first public screening, we talk to Kapadia, Khan, Andy Serkis – who did the external voices heard in the film, dancer Jeffrey Cirio, who plays the lead character, Creature, and last but certainly not least producer, Uzma Hasan who brought Kapadia and Khan to work together on this production in 2020.
Khan had already been commissioned to produce a new dance stage work by the English National Ballet, following on from his innovative and highly successful revisiting of the classical ballet, ‘Giselle’ in 2016. It’s what prompted Hasan to make ‘Creature’ into film – which was partially made possible by lockdown in the UK. The stage work is different and finally premiered in September 2021.
Watch the video to discover what it meant for these artists to work together and the themes behind this film which centres on what happens to a man/creature who is dumped in an arctic substation, then experimented on and almost left for dead. He finds solace and love with cleaner Marie (Erina Takahashi) who has been abused by one of the military figures in charge of creature’s treatment.
For more on Creature, see our LFF 2022 wrap.
‘Creature’ will release in cinemas in the UK and Ireland on February 24 2023 and is a BFI release.

Production credits
A Big Talent Media Production Ltd for
Producer/presenter: Sailesh Ram
Camera/editing: Natalie Barrass
Sound: Anuj Deo

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture