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‘Joyland’ – Out today in the UK! See our interview with the central couple – actors Ali Junejo & Rasti Farooq who are stupendous in it! (video)

Film that stunned the world comes to the UK on general release…

JOYLAND‘ opens today and these two actors are quite simly amazing and they talk about themes of the film and how they got into the characters of the married couple – Haider and Mumtaz.
It is a special film, enjoying its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May last year (Cannes 75), and we were able to interview writer-director Saim Sadiq and lead actor Alina Khan (See links below and in the film itself).
Now, we catch up with the central couple at the centre of the film – Ali Junejo plays the tortured but essentially decent and loving Haider.
Rasti Farooq plays his wife, Mumtaz. Theirs is a loving relationship and yet…
Watch and listen this one of the best and most interesting conversations we have had in Youtube interviews on films.
Sadiq’s film is an exploration of many things that afflict all societies, but he trains his focus on Pakistan, his home country and there, he finds people who are surviving and suffering… It is a tale of courage, power and is very moving… and with actors like Junejo and Farooq in what is their first feature film (unbelievably), he found two actors whose gifts shine gloriously… At the time of writing our review in Cannes, we wrote that it should be seen widely – now it can be!
The film is out in the UK in selected cinemas today (February 24) and hits India on March 3.

Saim Sadiq

Alina Khan (Sadiq translates)

Sarwat Gilani (Nucchi):

Our original review written just hours after its world premiere in Cannes –

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture