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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 late picks: Asian Theatre and Dance

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 late picks: Asian Theatre and Dance

AS WE ENTER what is the final week for most of the spots at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023, we take a look at a series of shows that might interest you as a reader of

Santi & Naz – theatre
Two female friends who live in pre-Partition India – with one being a Sikh and the other Muslim – and they really don’t know how separation is going to work and “take drastic action” to save their friendship?
Presented by The Thelmas and The Pleasance in association with Verghese Productions.
Pleasance Courtyard 1.30pm until August 28.

Dual – theatre
This theatre show explores several identities, though the dual of the title refers to British and Iranian. Peyvand is British, Parisa is Iranian. Peyvand goes back to Iran as a child with her dad and experiences problems. This is an award-winning show made in collaboration with a multi-national team and features drag, animation and music and asks questions about how we see ourselves and how do others perceive us.
August 23-28 at Pleasance Dome, 1 Bristo Square (venue 23), EH8 9AL.

Tickbox 2 – theatre
Lubna Kerr (pictured) is known to through her comedy and standup and this show opens up into a wider frame as she explores her family’s journey and asks questions about race, perception and identity. Making and sharing samosas is nothing these days with most convenience shops stocking them – but back in the day, few outside the Asian community knew what these food items were, let alone wanted to eat or purchase one. Directed by Jairus Obayomi, this updated show looks at the experience of someone growing up as a person of colour in Scotland.
The Pleasance Courtyard 5pm The Green EH8 9TJ

Horizon Showcase: Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World – theatre
This is a Javaad Alipoor Company theatre production and is the final piece of a trilogy which includes ‘The Believers Are But Brothers’ and ‘Rich Kids – A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran’by writer and producer Javaad Alipoor.
This goes into the unsolved murder of an Iranian pop star and is a glorious and wonderous mash-up of styles and genres and both entertaining and thought-provoking, according to those who have seen it.
Horizon Showcase is a series of shows that selects exceptional, standout performance shows from artists and supports and helps them get to Edinburgh Festivals.
Until August 27
Traverse Theatre, 10 Cambridge Street EH1 2 ED

Sudha Bhuchar by Harry Elletson

Evening Conversations – theatre
Sudha Bhuchar’s one woman show is an entertaining and thoughtful confiding – that has a generation gap at the heart of it…
See our review for full details…

Bird – Dance
This is not a subject traditional Indian dance tackles in the main but in the hands of innovative and pioneering dance company Amina Khayyam it really comes alive and asks, “What happens when you run away from domestic abuse?”…And the fear of the cultural stigma for those who espace it or try to. Three dancers and a live music score by Jonathan Mayer present ‘Bird’.
‘Bird’ by Amina Khayyam Dance Company until Sunday, August 27, 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL.

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture