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‘Churails’ star Mehar Bano: ‘This is the moment I’ve been waiting for my entire life’

New web series about women who take on abusive and unfaithful men was a life-changing project for this young actor…

Churails’ (‘Witches’) is a new web series that has just dropped on Zee 5 and in this interview, actor Mehar Bano talks about her character, the boxer Zubaida.

She is one of the four lead characters who decide to create a covert agency in Karachi that tracks down unfaithful and deceitful partners. She plays a boxer who is the brawn of the group and trained with real life boxers in Karachi for the role and has really thrown herself into the role – quite literally…

This is an international first for Pakistani content – director Asim Abbasi made the feature ‘Cake’ and wrote ‘Churails’ with the intention of tackling misogyny and patriarchy and other social ills that afflict us all.

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture