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Cannes 2022 – Helly Shah, TV star: ‘It’s like a dream, trying to soak it all in; I did almost have a breakdown’ and her ‘Kaya Palat’ launch (video) – picture add (28.05.22)

Rising star is in Cannes to launch her first film and walk the red carpet for L’Oréal….

IN WHAT is her first feature film role, Indian TV star Helly Shah told acv why she wanted to make this film which is set in Jammu & Kashmir and is about warring gangs there.

Her character is both sweet, complex, witty and vulnerable and allowed her to play a range of motions and touched her heart, she told us in Cannes.

Based on a true events and a romance that appears to cross lines as writer-director Rahat Kazmi intimated to us in Cannes, this is a dark, gritty tale that will keep you guessing as to what exactly will happen.

Shah is a much decorated Indian TV actor who started out when she was just 15 and is still in her 20s.  She has appeared in hit soaps and most recently, Sta’s ‘Sufiyana Pyaar Mera’ (2019).

This time main writer and producer Kazmi swaps hats with Shoaib Nikash Shah, who was not in Cannes but directs this film, while Kazmi appears in this and directs ‘Country of Blind’ (See link below please).

Poster launched in Cannes

The film is currently in post production and is expected to feature at international film festivals with an eventual home on an as yet unsecured online screening service.

Several production companies are responsible for ‘Kaya Palat’ including Rahat Kazmi Film Studios, Tariq Khan Films, Tera Entertainment, Zeba Sajid Films and Alphaa Productions.

Kazmi is best known in the UK for ‘Lines’ which just premiered at the UK Asian Film Festival (May 4-15) and also ‘Side A’ and Side B‘ (2018) and ‘Mantostaan’ (2017).

Country of Blind – more here

Earlier –

Gallery – Kaya Palat launch at India Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival on May 20 2022…


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Written by Asian Culture Vulture