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‘Bring on the Bollywood’ – A warming song and dance show

‘Bring on the Bollywood’ – A warming song and dance show

May 4 2016

New musical production has heart, soul and humour…

By Khakan Qureshi

BRING ON THE BOLLYWOOD” is a romantic comedy of errors with a witty take on what it means to be South Asian, in love and carrying the expectations of tradition and ambitions of neo-liberal parents – interspersed with well-choreographed dance routines and splashes of colour!

This latest offering is from Phizzical Productions – another of the UK’s leading producers of South Asian theatre.

Dr Katrina Pawar (Sohm Kapila) is forced to return to her parents’ home in ‘Joshimat’ after 12 years of living and working as a doctor in London. Her younger brother Lucky (Bhavin Bhatt) is getting married to his childhood sweetheart Rekha (Nikkita Chadha).

Meanwhile, a young Bollywood actor, Amit (Rishi Nair) encourages his newly eligible cousin Ronny ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ (Adam Samuel-Bal), to visit the set location for his new film. They are guided to a ‘hotel’ which it soon becomes apparent is really the home of Amit’s true love.

Therein follows a story full of mistaken identities, angst and anxieties, family secrets and misdemeanours.

Taking inspiration from Shakespeare and with a nod to old Bollywood movies, this show has it all – headstrong young daughters, meddling mothers, and star-crossed suitors. There are several unexpected twists and much melodrama; this show highlights the many contradictions that can exist within Indian culture and the contrast between the way an older generation and younger one views certain subjects.

It’s almost to be expected that this lively show touches on issues of status, the caste system, traditions and superstitions and pulls together strands of identity and destiny and what it means to cross over the city and country divide, as the old and new collide.

It makes reference to current affairs and social media, dabbles with the taboos of South Asian and pulls it all off with a great big smile on its face!

Bring on the Bollywood” is a feel good family show and is entertaining from beginning to end with notable performances from all the cast members.

ACV rating: **** (out of five)

*Bring on the Bollywood was performed at Belgrade Theatre, Coventry between April 23-30.


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Written by Asian Culture Vulture


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