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Ritu Arya – ‘Polite Society’ : ‘It was as crazy as I expected (from Nida Manzoor), full of comedy and action, I loved it’

One of the stars of the film talks about what it was like making this action-comedy and how she got into the part, acting and the Sundance FilmFestival experience earlier this year where it had its world premiere…

RITU ARYA is on something of a roll and talks to us about playing the part of the big sister Lena Khan in the new British action comedy film, ‘Polite Society’.
She talks about how she first came to work with film’s writer-director Nida Manzoor (UK Channel 4’s ‘We are Lady Parts’) and what it was like playing Lena alongside Priya Kansara – as aspiring stuntwoman, teenager and little sister, Ria Khan.
This summer you can see Arya in the much anticipated ‘Barbie’ film and Arya has a huge fan following through her work on US TV series, ‘Umbrella Academy’ on Netflix. She holds a degree in Astrophysics from the University of Southampton – we didn’t get to quiz about that in the time we had… she talks about her how she always wanted to act, the influence of Bollywood and she made her breakthrough in TV in the UK before going onto more international work.
She is brilliant in ‘Polite Society’, exuding great chemistry with Kansara and both bring an electricity and charisma to the big screen.

The film releases in the UK tomorrow (April 28)

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture