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‘Mogul Mowgli’ – Deep connection and urgency of Riz Ahmed, co-writer and director Bassam Tariq on collaborating with star and Anjana Vasan and Nabhaan Rizwan on roles…

Film explores identity as well as ambition, family and culture…

MOGUL MOWGLI’ film director and co-writer Bassam Tariq talks about how he came to meet and work with collaborator and co-writer Riz Ahmed.

The pair’s story starts in New York, where British rapper Zed (played by Riz Ahmed) is going down an absolute storm and is on the verge of an incredible mainstream breakthrough – when he succumbs to an auto-immune disease.

Reluctantly and uncertainly, he returns to London and his parents (see this or link at end of interviews). His father (Alyy Khan) remains scarred by Partition and his mother (Sudha Bhuchar) manages the diminished dreams and emotional fallout of both father and son.

Emotional, powerful and uncompromising but also beautiful, poignant and meaningful, Ahmed and Tariq have made a film that will speak to generations beyond the present here and now.
Hear how Tariq came to meet Ahmed (in the unlikely setting of his Tariq’s butcher shop in New York), how they developed some of the ideas behind ‘Mogul Mowgli’ and what inspired and drove them to make it. also speaks to actors Anjana Vasan and Nabhaan Rizwan – both play important roles in the film.

Vasan discusses her role as ‘Vaseem’ – Zed’s long-suffering friend and business manager; and Rizwan gives us an insight into the way Zed’s closest rival and cultural opposite is both an ally and an enemy.

‘Mogul Mowgli’ releases in the UK and Ireland in cinemas only from October 30.
You can find out more here – not just about the film but other British artists and their heritage:

*There is also a season of “inspirational and influential” films – themed, ‘Near the Jugular’ and chosen by Ahmed and Tariq screening at the BFI Southbank in London and on BFI player from October 19-November 30). More on this here

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Written by Asian Culture Vulture